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Suggestions on [[topic]]

Hi {{first_name}},

It looks like you checked out [[your product/services]] at {{company}}.

As I couldn’t get back to you earlier, I am reaching out now to know the status of your pesky difficulties and love to share some [[suggestions/ideas]] to find the solution.

If we could spend 15 mins on [[date]] at [[time]] to chat about this, it will be great for you to move forward with confidence.

I look forward to hearing from you.

[[your name]]

Nice meeting you, {{first_name}}

Hi {{first_name}},

It was great chatting with you on [[event]]! Based on our conversation on/at [[information on where you met such as an event or social media platform]], I wanted to reach out and share a bit more information about Better Bookkeeping Software’s offerings and how it can help your company with [[XYZ]].

Our platform is an excellent tool for startups like yours because of features like these:

[[Feature 1]]
[[Feature 2]]
[[Feature 3]]

Would you be available for a 15-minute call this week to discuss how Better Bookkeeping can help {{company}}?

Thank you,
[[your name]]

Hi {{first_name}}, how did [[event]] went for you?

Hi {{first_name}},

I really hope you liked [[the hotel conference]] as much as I did. How did you like the [[speech Tom gave]]? I loved that presentation myself!

I managed to stop for a few minutes at your booth and, honestly, I think you at {{company}} are going to grow big in your field, as the [[industry]] needs guys like you around.

I’m [[name]] and I’m working as a [[salesperson]] which means my job is to make people from [[businesses in the field]] happy and help them grow and get [[the best email marketing]] by [[our email services]].

How about we set up a quick call and talk about how you guys at {{company}} handle these issues now?

New feature to solve [[XYZ]]

Hi {{first_name}},

It’s been awhile since we last chatted…how is everything going at {{company}}? Based on our last conversation about [[topic]], I think [[your company name feature]] could really boost {{company}}‘s bookkeeping abilities.

I’d love to provide you with more details. Would you be available for a quick chat or demo this week?

Best regards,
[[your name]]

Why did you go?

Hi {{first_name}},

I hope you are doing great 😀 It’s been a while since we were in touch.

{{company}} had trialed with [[your product name]] for their [[what function did they use the product for]] in the past. I would love to reconnect with you and your team to better understand why you had moved away from the same 🙂

We have made some [[market breaking innovations]] since you had signed up and partnered with some big names like [[customer 1]] and [[customer 2]] too. Let’s have a quick chat sometime next week, {{first_name}}?

I would be more than happy to show you [[those innovations]], Monday (January 16th) at 10:00 am sounds good for you?

UNO, DOS, {{company}}?

Oh, gosh, {{first_name}}!

My somewhat creepy tracking software is telling me that you Sir for unknown reasons didn't reply on LinkedIn so I am using this as a great opportunity to challenge you!

And look where we are?

Below is my final UNO card which I use to reach you regarding the PWA accelerator.

**inserted photo

It's your turn now...
Do you need again a proper introduction here? ;)


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How to write a cold sales email template?

  • Write subject lines like a real person. Provide a quick overview of your email content, keep it short and simple. You can even ask a relevant question or mention a mutual connection in your subject line.
  • Create a perfect opening line. Make your prospect interested in reading your sales email from the very first line. Explain the context of your email shortly, build the trust, or refer to someone or something they already know.
  • Keep your email short and easy. A good sales email provides additional context on who you are, clarifies the problem you’re solving, and highlights the benefit to the prospect.
  • Include a powerful CTA. Create a single and powerful call-to-action that will be clear to your prospects.
  • Don’t forget about your signature. Besides a typical signature where you mention your name, company, and website, you can add a link to your latest case study, video, or webinar recording.

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How to write sales email subject lines?

  • Make your subject line personal. Mention the prospect’s name, company, or offer relevant to them. Write subject line like a real person (even if you automate your outreach), double-check if you don’t have brackets showing form field labels, extra spacing, or the wrong name in a subject line since it all show an apparent lack of care.
  • Ask questions in your subject line. Having a relevant to your prospect question can dramatically improve your open rates; you just need to intrigue prospects with the content behind your subject line.
  • Keep subject lines short. Best subject lines have something in common - they are short and straight to the point. It’s much easier to catch prospects’ attention this way. Besides that, it’s important to keep subject lines short because they will get cut off if they are too long, especially on mobile devices.

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