Connect Hunter to your favorite apps and grow your outreach faster.


Send verified contact information and lead activity from Hunter to your favorite CRM.

Send everything you do in Hunter directly to HubSpot. Create HubSpot leads and deals for your new contact, and enrich them with all email activity from Hunter Campaigns.
Simplify getting accurate contact information into Salesforce. Automatically create a Salesforce lead any time you find an email address and save it as a lead in Hunter.
Fill your pipeline with verified contact information found with Hunter. Save new Pipedrive contacts when you find prospects using Hunter’s Email Finder or Domain Search.
Synchronize Hunter’s contact data with Zoho and automatically create Zoho Leads when you save a lead in Hunter.
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Zapier lets you send info between Hunter and Close CRM automatically.
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Zapier lets you send info between Hunter and Copper CRM automatically.

Email service providers

Connect your email account to Hunter Campaigns and scale your email outreach.


Email service providers
Automate sending and tracking your email campaigns by integrating your Gmail or Google Workspace email with Hunter Campaigns.


Email service providers
Let Hunter Campaigns do the heavy lifting when you do email outreach from your Outlook or Microsoft 365 email account.


Email service providers
Leverage SMTP/IMAP to automate your outreach with Hunter Campaigns, no matter which email provider you're using.


Use Hunter to enrich your existing data or find new data and save it to your preferred database.

Google Sheets

Find and verify email addresses directly in Google Sheets.
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Zapier lets you send info between Hunter and Airtable automatically.
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Microsoft Excel

Zapier lets you send info between Hunter and Excel automatically.


Have Hunter work for you anywhere you need it.


Use Zapier to send the contact information found with Hunter or any email activity from Hunter Campaigns to 5000+ endpoints.


Build powerful workflows and use Hunter’s data in any process you can imagine by integrating your Hunter and accounts.

Third Parties

Syncspider eCommerce Automation - Smart way of growing business. Design automated workflows with human decisions.
Woodpecker Cold emails that start warm business conversations.
Phantombuster A new era of lead generation.
Buzzstream Get more links, traffic, and coverage. Like clockwork.
Captaindata Data automation software for modern ops teams.
Sparktoro Find your audience's true sources of influence. Empowering the world's problem-solvers.
Integry An Integration Experience your users will love.
Rows The spreadsheet with superpowers.
Maltego A comprehensive tool for graphical link analyses.

Build your own integration.

Use the power of Hunter's API and create a tailor-made integration.

Discover our API
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