Leverage SMTP/IMAP to automate your outreach with Hunter Campaigns, no matter which email provider you're using.

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Connect to Hunter Campaigns using SMTP/IMAP

SMTP and IMAP are two protocols used by virtually all email service providers to manage email communication. By using these protocols, you connect almost every email account to Hunter Campaigns and streamline your sending process.


SMTP/IMAP are standard protocols used to send, receive, and manage emails, enabling access across devices. Both protocols are essential for email communication and widely used by email service providers.

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Send everything you do in Hunter directly to HubSpot. Create HubSpot leads and deals for your new contact, and enrich them with all email activity from Hunter Campaigns.

Google Sheets

Find and verify email addresses directly in Google Sheets.


Use Zapier to send the contact information found with Hunter or any email activity from Hunter Campaigns to 5000+ endpoints.
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