Billed monthly Billed yearly
$0 / month
$0 / month
100 requests
$49 / month
$39 / month
1,000 requests
CSV downloads
$99 / month
$79 / month
5,000 requests
CSV downloads
$199 / month
$159 / month
20,000 requests
CSV downloads
$399 / month
$319 / month
50,000 requests
CSV downloads
Custom plan
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What is a request on Hunter?

Domain Search
The search of a domain name that returns the email addresses with this domain found on the web.
Email Finder
The search of an email address from a first name, a last name and a domain name.
Email Verification
The verification of an email address to check if it is deliverable or not.

Common questions about the pricing

I just want to use Hunter once to export data. Is it possible?

Yes. We encourage recurring usage, but you're free to take a subscription just for one month and cancel it when your work is done.

Do I cancel my subscription when I want?

Yes, you can change or cancel your plan at any time using the dashboard. Once you have canceled, you'll still have access to your premium plan until the end of your subscription month.

How are requests counted for Domain Searches that return thousands of email addresses?

For a Domain Search, a request is counted every 10 email addresses returned (every page).

If a request returns no result, does it count?

It doesn't. When a Domain Search or Email Finder request doesn't return a result, the request isn't counted.

Are the same requests made several times counted each time?

No. The same requests are counted once per billing period.

What about searches made using the browser extension or the Google Sheets add-on?

Requests are counted the same way wherever they are done, using the web app, the API, the browser extension, the add-on for Google Sheets or any other product.

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