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Short description is an all-in-one cold email platform.

Features and history of

Hunter was created by Antoine Finkelstein and François Grante in April 2015. It was one of the first tools for finding email addresses and the first to leverage the public web as a data source. Initially, it focused on the Domain Search feature. Over time, additional tools were added to the product to help users verify emails, store leads, and send email outreach.

Hunter offers a suite of simple but powerful tools to find verified email addresses of any professional and to contact them using cold email.

The Domain Search is a solution to find email addresses from a company name or website. It’s powered by a web crawler so email addresses on any public website can be easily surfaced. The Domain Search can help you find the right person to contact at any company.

The Email Finder helps find a verified email address of a specific person. It returns an email address sourced from the web. If there is no likely match, the Email Finder will use various data points to deduce the most likely email address. Every email address provided by the Email Finder goes through email verification to ensure it’s safe to contact.

The Email Verifier offers a simple way to validate and verify the email addresses of your prospects. It validates that an email address exists and can receive emails.

Hunter Campaigns is a tool for sending and scaling cold email outreach. With features such as automated sending, follow-up automation, email tracking, and adding personalization at scale, Hunter Campaigns can save you time and drive better results for your cold emails.

Hunter also offers:

  • Free API access,
  • Leads – a database to store information about your prospects,
  • A browser extension that lets you find email addresses while browsing the web,
  • A Google Sheets add-on to find and verify emails,
  • Bulk modes for its core tools.

The Hunter logo

The Hunter logo is available in two colors. The orange logo is designed for lighter backgrounds, while the white one works best on dark backgrounds.

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