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Hunter is the leading solution to find and verify email addresses.

The boilerplate description

Hunter makes it incredibly easy for sales, recruiters and marketers to reach out to other professionals with simple but powerful tools.

Hunter crawls the web and indexes publicly available professional email addresses. The data is easily accessible via a simple user interface to find the right person in a company or find how to contact already identified professionals.

In addition to email finding functionalities, Hunter also provides an email verification service and the ability to schedule cold email campaigns.

Hunter has been founded in France in 2015. Today, it is an international team of 11 people working remotely in North America, Europe and Asia. Hunter is used by more than 4 million professionals all over the globe, from freelances to leading companies like Google, Adobe or Microsoft.

The Hunter logo

The Hunter logo is available in two colors. The orange logo is designed for lighter backgrounds, while the white one works best on dark backgrounds.

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