Find your next best customer using intent data.

  • Financial Services
  • Egypt
$14 Million Series A 6 email addresses
Draupnir Bio
  • Biotechnology Research
  • Denmark
$13 Million Seed 2 email addresses
Onego Bio
  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing
  • Finland
$15 Million Series A 5 email addresses
Cell BioEngines
  • Biotechnology Research
  • New York, United States
$2 Million 3 email addresses
GRO Biosciences
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Massachusetts, United States
$60 Million Series B 5 email addresses
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Find prospects based on their explicit needs.

Hunter Signals is a new way to develop rich prospect profiles based on news and events associated with relevant companies. Use intent data from Signals to continually find companies needing your solution, and contact them right when they need you.

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For businesses of all shapes and sizes.
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Why intent data?

Traditional prospecting is based on the assumption that people with a similar job title share similar problems at similar times. But it’s not always true. And it’s why a portion of any traditional outreach campaign will fall flat. Intent data removes the uncertainty. It helps you tap into specific business needs expressed by a wide range of events and behaviors.

Identify warm prospects.

Signals help you find people and organizations with explicit problems to solve.

Reach out right when they need you.

Daily updates include funding news, job postings, new contact data, and more.

Create hyper-relevant campaigns.

No more problem sniffing: using intent data means you know your prospect’s priorities.

Trust your sources.

True to Hunter’s core values, we look for intent data on the web so you can be open about your sources and confident about their accuracy.

Easily contact your future customers.

Hunter makes it easy to move from identifying a prospect to finding a verified email address to sending an outreach campaign.

Ground your outreach in immediate business needs.

Multiple filters

To help you find companies in your ICP and reach out at the right time.

Data aggregated from the web

With a single Signal, you can easily find thousands of entries from multiple data sources.

Daily updates & notifications

Set up a Signal once and enjoy a continuous stream of relevant prospects.

Connected to the Domain Search

A straight line from identifying prospects to finding verified email addresses.

Common questions about Hunter Signals.

Hunter Signals is an innovative way to find prospects based on intent data – job postings and funding news. It aggregates events from multiple data sources, making it easy to filter them based on various criteria. You can use Signals to find companies based on past events as well as track companies in your ICP on a daily basis.

Intent data captures a variety of behaviors that indicate a specific business need. You can find or collect various types of intent data, including web search history, company events, job postings, and more.

Intent data can be used both to identify companies matching your ideal customer profile (ICP), or to know when to contact them.

Intent data can encompass anything from a LinkedIn post or a change on the company website to clickstream data collected by a third party.

Intent data helps you better understand the needs of your prospects and their current situation. For example, whenever a company publishes new job postings, it indicates interest in solving a specific business problem. On the other hand, funding events let you find companies with money to spend and a willingness to grow.

Using these variables is a great way to find prospects genuinely interested in your services. Instead of using typical demographic/firmographic segmentation, you can rely on their explicit needs and contact them right when the problems you’re solving are top of mind.

Every weekday, you’ll get an email notification if there are new results found for your configured Signals. You can also see a “new results” badge in the user interface for Signals with new results.

Yes, every Hunter user can use Signals for free. The only associated cost is when you identify prospects using Signals, and you want to find their email addresses via the Domain Search.

You can set up 50 Signals, and you can edit them at any time to improve the accuracy of your results.
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