Our data

When you use Hunter, you access data from one unique source: the public web. Every day, we analyse millions of websites to index the most up to date business data.

Synchronized with the entire web

Every day, Hunter visits millions of web pages to find actionable business data. Like search engines, we constantly keep an index of the entire web and organize data that isn't in any other database.

Web pages crawled every minute

Websites sources of data

Professional email addresses indexed

Building a standard to connect businesses

Data providers typically compile dozens of often private and undisclosed sources. At Hunter, we believe data should be processed transparently, in a manner every stakeholder approves of. To do so, we follow four principles.

Data distributed with Hunter has disclosed public sources.

All the contacts in the Domain Search are returned with the sources and their discovery dates.

In the Email Finder we indicate if the result is a guess or has public sources. The guesses are based on the public data available at the domain name level.

Data that no longer has public sources is removed.

We remove contact or company information that no longer has public sources after six months or less. During that delay, you can see the source(s) with the label "Removed".

Data subjects have control over their data.

Anyone can easily edit or remove their profile by claiming their email address. The owner can edit all the fields associated with an email address. In case of deletion, the email address and all the data associated is removed.

Websites owners have control over how we index their pages.

You can identity the robot used by Hunter with the User-Agent described on this page.
It follows all the robots.txt standard.