Hunter for Google Sheets
Find email addresses in your spreadsheets.

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Domain Search in Google Sheets

Find email addresses directly in your spreadsheets.

Launch a search directly from Google Sheet. Your data is ready to be processed.

Email Finder in Google Sheets

Enrich your data with email addresses

Find the email addresses of a list of people using first name, last name, and website.

Common questions about the Add-on

Is Hunter for Google Sheets free to use?

Yes! You can can create a free account and get 150 free searches/month. Discover our premium accounts if you need more.

How does the Domain Search work?

Type a domain name to get a list of email addresses. It returns all the publicly available email addresses we found on the web. It's exactly the same search you can do on Hunter's web app.

How does the Email Finder work?

Hunter for Google Sheets can enrich your data by finding email addresses using first name, last name, and company website or company name. Just indicate which column is used for each field and see the magic happen!