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Which of these services do you intend to use?

Which of these services do you intend to use? Learn more

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"Hunter's email verification feature allowed us to diminish the bounce rate of our large e-mail database, from 22,3% to 2,7%. Thanks to it, we have been able to successfully optimize our e-mail marketing activity. We are also very happy and thankful to their flexibility and the support we always get from the team to make the most of our projects."
Ignacio Manrique de Lara
Ignacio Manrique de Lara
"Our integration with Hunter has proven to be a hit not only with our customers (who love the ease and coverage of contact info it provides), but with our CTO, Casey, too. Making Casey happy is a tough thing to do, but here, it's Hunter's ease of integration, seamless API, and affordable cost that shine."
Rand Fishkin
Rand Fishkin
Cofounder & CEO, SparkToro

Who can use a Enterprise Plan?

Professional organizations can sign up with a Enterprise plan if they need to process higher volumes of email searches or verifications than what is currently available in our standard paid plans.

What happens after I submit the Enterprise Plan form?

A dedicated account manager will reach out via email within one business day to walk you through the next steps and provide a quote.

Do Enterprise Plan request quotas differ from standard paid plans?

Yes, a Enterprise plan has separate request quotas for each tool:

For example, a Enterprise Plan can include 50,000 Domain Search and 30,000 Email Finder requests with 20,000 Email Verifier requests, for a total of 100,000 requests.

Are unlimited or pay-as-you-go options available?

We currently do not offer unlimited or pay-as-you-go options. However, some Enterprise Plan Subscriptions can include the "over-quota" feature, which allows overage requests when the monthly quota is reached.

I don’t need a recurring subscription, can I export the data once?

Yes, one-time custom exports are available and give access to searches or verifications for up to one month.

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