Bulk Email Verifier
Verify a list of email addresses with the most complete email checker available.
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  1. Create a free account on Hunter

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  2. Upload your list of email addresses

    Upload your list of email addresses (.txt or .csv) or simply paste it.

  3. Get the verification results

    Download the complete verification results with one click. You're ready to use your list safely.

Why verify email addresses with Hunter?

Hunter isn't just an email verification service. It's the biggest directory of professional email addresses appearing publicly on the web. When we check an email address, we use all this data to verify it even if the standard verifications fail.

Hunter is used by 1,000,000+ professionals and chosen by the smartest companies.


Get 100 free verifications per month when creating your account, upgrade to a higher plan for more. Pay only one time for your bulk or use a monthly subscription.