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Verify a list of email addresses with the most complete email checker available.
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    Upload your list of email addresses (.txt or .csv) or simply paste it.

  3. Get the verification results

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Why verify email addresses with Hunter?

Hunter isn't just an email verification service. It's the biggest directory of professional email addresses appearing publicly on the web. When we check an email address, we use all this data to verify it even if the standard verifications fail.

Hunter is used by 1,500,000+ professionals and chosen by the smartest companies.

Common questions about the bulk Email Verifier

What is the bulk Email Verifier?

The bulk Email Verifier lets you verify a list of email addresses.

You can upload a list of email addresses to be verified in bulk. The Email Verifier tests the mail servers to see if there is a positive reply without sending an email. It also takes into account multiple other verifications such as the format, the type of email addresses, and the eventual public sources online.

You can test individual verification with the individual Email Verifier.

Does an email address marked "deliverable" in the bulk verification have no chance of bouncing?

The verifications can never be totally sure, but we can guarantee that more than 95% of "deliverable" email addresses won't bounce.

What does it mean when an email address is marked "risky"?

When you perform a bulk Email Verification, a part of the email addresses might be marked "risky". Usually, it happens when the mail server accepts the email address but also accepts all the email addresses on the same domain name, which mean we can't make sure the email address actually exists.

To help you decide what to do with these email addresses, we also return a confidence score. With this score you can decide what level of accuracy you require and depending on your needs select a part of the "risky" email addresses.

Is it free?

You can start using the bulk Email Verifier for free. A free account provides 50 verifications/month. For bigger volumes, you can upgrade your plan.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.