Zap triggered afetr a lead is created
Creation of a Zap that will be triggered when a new lead is saved with Hunter
Zap using the Email Verifier
Zap exporting contacts only after having being verified with Hunter

Connect Hunter to 4000+ other applications thanks to Zapier.

Zapier helps you automate work by connecting the applications you already use. Connecting Hunter's Email Finder, Email Verifier and Campaigns opens hundreds of possibilities.

The integration includes 4 functionalities in Zapier:

  • Email Finder: returns an email address and a confidence score from a name and a company or website.
  • Campaigns: triggers an event with your favorite application when a recipient replies or reads an email in a campaign.
  • Email Verifier: returns if an email address is valid, with a confidence score.
  • Email Count: returns how many email addresses can be found on a domain name.

It also includes additional Triggers (when a new lead or a campaign is created) and Actions (create a new lead, create a recipient).