Build powerful workflows and use Hunter’s data in any process you can imagine by integrating your Hunter and accounts.

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List of all available Hunter actions on Make.
Connect Hunter to 1,400+ other applications and automate your workflow.

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Use our integration with to automate all your Hunter tasks and skyrocket your productivity.

The integration allows you to:

  • Find emails automatically from;
  • Verify them;
  • Create leads;
  • Add recipients to a Hunter campaign, etc.

You can also use it to connect Hunter with one of the 1,400+ apps supported by Make.

About Make is a powerful visual platform to build and automate workflows, connecting data from multiple sources without the need for coding.

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Send everything you do in Hunter directly to HubSpot. Create HubSpot leads and deals for your new contact, and enrich them with all email activity from Hunter Campaigns.


Email service providers
Automate sending and tracking your email campaigns by integrating your Gmail or Google Workspace email with Hunter Campaigns.

Google Sheets

Find and verify email addresses directly in Google Sheets.
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