Hi {{first_name}}, how did [[event]] went for you?

Hi {{first_name}},

I really hope you liked [[the hotel conference]] as much as I did. How did you like the [[speech Tom gave]]? I loved that presentation myself!

I managed to stop for a few minutes at your booth and, honestly, I think you at {{company}} are going to grow big in your field, as the [[industry]] needs guys like you around.

I’m [[name]] and I’m working as a [[salesperson]] which means my job is to make people from [[businesses in the field]] happy and help them grow and get [[the best email marketing]] by [[our email services]].

How about we set up a quick call and talk about how you guys at {{company}} handle these issues now?

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Saurabh Wani , SalesHandy

About this template

Events like conferences or expos are perfect for you and your business to meet possible new partners. You’ll exchange business cards with a load of people and, when you’ve sorted through the ones you think are a perfect fit for you to become your next clients, this technique of cold emailing them is the very best for you to use straight away.
Saurabh Wani
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