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Introduction from [[mutual connection]]

Dear {{first_name}},

One of my dear friends and our mutual acquaintance [[connection name]] very enthusiastically recommended your name for a Community Operations Manager that I’m looking to fill for a client.

They have been ranked as one of the fastest-growing startups in the [[industry]] and this role will play a key part in their client acquisition and retention activities. They are looking for someone who is obsessed with customer satisfaction and can contribute to the continued success of the Community Operations Department

Do let me know if you are interested in discussing the role and company in more detail.

I am flexible with my availability. Thank you for your time.


Open position

Hi {{first_name}},

You probably get this often, but your background caught my eye.

I’m a recruiter at [[company]]. I’m reaching out because I think that with your experience in [[X]], you would be a great fit for one of our client’s open roles for [[position]].

Are you open to a chat?



Coffee with me and [[connection]]?

Hey {{first_name}},

I am [[your_name]], a recruiter at {{company}}. We are hiring for the [[job]]. I have been going through my network and found out you to be the best candidate.

I also found out that [[connection]] is a close friend of yours - he suggested that you as a candidate would be a great fit.

Would you be interested to grab a coffee and take it further? I will make sure [[connection]] comes along as well.



Hey {{first_name}}, loved your blog

Hey {{first_name}},

I recently stumbled on your blog about creating engaging sales emails with GIFs and visual elements to get better responses. I have to say – absolutely loved it. I have been using GIFs (cause who doesn’t love them) in my emails and getting incredible results. Your efforts must have led to tremendous results at {{company}}.

I am currently recruiting imaginative and bold sales folks like you for our client. We think you’ve got a way of doing sales that can sway a maybe to a Yes! We are working to build a sales team of people like you – not afraid to experiment and deliver results. Would you be interested in a 15 min chat this week?

Ronaldo's fan?

Hey {{first_name}},

Based on your twitter feed, I gathered you are a Christiano Ronaldo fan – prompting me to reach out to you here.

What would Ronaldo be if he didn’t have the support of kick ass midfield formation of Isco and Casemiro!

I went through your profile and some of the work you have put up on dribbble and said to myself that if the design world had a Christiano, that would be you. I know you have been at {{company}} for only 6 months and this might be the wrong time to reach out to you, but I decided I will take that chance.

We are looking to fill a fantastic role to lead our clients design team. Would you be open to having a brief chat about this?



Looking for a Frontend Engineer

Hi {{first_name}},

I lead talent acquisition at [[company]]. Our clients tech team is looking for a passionate Frontend Engineer with attention-to-detail and expertise UI technologies. After scanning through your social profile, I think you fit the bill.

Your work with {{company}} indicates versatile experiences that you bring to the table. Moreover, your command over front-end technologies like JavaScript and HTML gives you the technical breadth that we seek for this role. I think this would be a great opportunity for you to be on the front lines of development in our exciting startup environment!

In this role, you will:

- Take full responsibility for designing and building core frontend modules
- Build slick UI interfaces to provide the best user experience
- Get your hands dirty with cross-platform architectural challenges, new frameworks, design patterns and technologies
- Build and contribute to open-source libraries and components
- Would you be interested in further discussing this opportunity over a quick call sometime this week?

I look forward to hearing from you


Skiing Pros needed

Hi {{company}},

Just saw your Instagram videos of your last skiing trip. I am quite impressed with your skiing skills! How long have you been skiing? I have taken it up last year and can’t wait to glide over the snow the way you do.

I am looking for brilliant Ruby developers like you for our client. They have a fledgling skiing club that really needs a pro skier like you. Also, the engineering team is looking for a new lead for the front end team.

Would you be interested in a brief call to chat about skiing and the role sometime this week?



Hey {{first_name}}

Hey {{first_name}},

I hope this email finds you well. We had reached out a while back regarding opportunities with a well-known technology company. Obviously things continue to go well at [[company name]], but your name resurfaced in regards to a specific opportunity in which I thought might be of interest.

They have a strong track record with candidates that come from a similar background. I thought it made sense to reconnect given the specific nature of the search as we approach bonus season.

If you are interested in a chat to learn more, please let me know when would be a convenient time for you. Thank you again for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.



Machine Learnin position at [[company]]

Hi {{first_name}},

I am a specialist software engineering recruiter located in [[city]]. I help top tier software companies build world class engineering teams.

I am impressed by your background and work in Machine Learning at {{company}} and would love to have a quick chat with you. I am looking to connect with excellent ML engineers who are passionate about working at the intersection of scientific research and software engineering. With your skills, I think you will be a great fit for some of our clients open roles.

If this sounds interesting, let’s talk further. Let me know if you have a few minutes in the coming week.



{{first_name}}, quick question?

Hi {{first_name}},

In just year's time, we helped [[X]] people land their dream roles at companies like [[insert successful placement companies]].

We currently have an excellent Digital Marketing Manager role open at a top B2B firm in [[city]] think your background in [[X]] and experience would make you the perfect fit for the role. Would you be open to a quick discussion about this fantastic opportunity? How does tomorrow at 5:00 PM sound?

Is now a better time for a new role?

Happy Tuesday, {{first_name}}!

It has now been over six months since I last reached out to you regarding our clients’ open roles for an Advertising Creative producer.

Crazy how time flies: I hope you’ve been well!

Since then, we have successfully placed [[X]] candidates at companies like [[company 1]], [[company 2]], and [[company 3]].

I continue to be genuinely excited about connecting with you to see if there’s a true fit for you. After checking out your portfolio and what you’ve been up to since my last email, I sure do hope my timing is better now.

What do you say, are you interested in exploring some of our available opportunities? At worst, you’ll learn about some great opportunities for you at some of the top companies in the country; at best, you’ll be taking the first step towards your next adventure 🙂



You were recommended to me

Hi {{first_name}},

I hope this message finds you well!

Our connections at [[company name]] have some great things to say about you and your work and as it turns out. We are a leading design focused headhunting firm in NYC with clients like PayPal, Instagram and others in the best of tech.

We are working with some incredible firms with growing diverse teams and who would love to work with you.

You come highly recommended and we are very impressed with your work at {{company}}. I am getting in touch to see if we can get on a call sometime to have a quick chat about your career goals.

Awaiting your response.


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