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I'd love to feature {{company}} on Hunter's blog

Hey {{first_name}},

My name is Irina from Hunter.

I’m currently working on a guide on how to create a perfect subject line for cold outreach, and I’d love to feature {{company}} there.

If you’ve ever sent a cold email campaign and have a subject line that worked the best for you, feel free to share it with us via this short form.

I’ll be happy to add your insights to the best practices section inside of the guide and link back to your website.

Let me know if you have any questions or if there is anyone else at {{company}} who I can contact regarding this.

Have an absolutely amazing day!

Guest for your podcast

Hey {{first_name}},

I’m a HUGE fan of your podcast. I especially liked [[episode]] because [[takeaway or comment]].

You consistently put out the best podcasts I’ve ever heard, and that’s why I’m reaching out to you. I’d really like to be a guest on your show.

[[Quick about you, why you’d be a good guest. Link to an about page on your site.]]

(Optional) To give you a better idea of what I’m like on the mic, here are a few other podcast episodes I’ve been on:

[[Link to Podcast]]

Either way, keep up the great work! Can’t wait for your next episode.


[[your name and title]]

Affiliate partnership Hi {{first_name}},

{{company}} looks interesting, and we would be interested in potentially reviewing it and advertising it on our websites.

We're a [describe your company and audience, citing traffic numbers and demographics]. Our biggest sites are [Site 1] and [Site 2].

If you could send us a sample, then we would be happy to write a review. Here's an example of a review we already did: [link to review article].

This would allow us to get started with promoting your products on our sites.

Let me know what you think!


[Your name]

Contribute to my article

Hi {{first_name}},

Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn. From looking at your impressive career advancement from salesperson to sales director in just five years, I'm guessing you have some really valuable advice.

I read a few of your testimonials and I noticed that many of them said you put people first. Many of them said that you always drop what you're doing to listen to the concerns and ideas of your front line salespeople.

Would you be willing to contribute to an article I'm writing on that subject?


[[your name]]

Showcase {{company}} to 730K+ potential customers

Hey {{first_name}},

I’ve heard amazing things about {{company}} lately and I just had to reach out :-)

AppSumo is hand-selecting a few stellar products to feature in October and we would love to showcase {{company}} to over 730,000+ potential new customers.

When we asked our customers if they'd be interested in a product like yours, we got a huge resounding "yes!".

I think they would make for great lifetime {{company}} customers.

Here is some more info on our reach, our customers, and who we've worked with in the past:

Please email me by the 30th and we'll make it happen.


[[Your Name]]

Feature your email templates

Hey {{first_name}},

This is Irina from Hunter.

I’m working now on creating the biggest directory with cold email templates. I came across a blog post on {{company}}'s blog with awesome cold email templates: [[referring_page_url]]

Don’t you mind if I feature some of those templates in our directory? Of course, I’ll give credit to {{company}} 🙂

Contributing to {{company}} ([[Connection]] referral)

Hey {{first_name}},

I’ve been loving the [[relevant (true) complement based on the work in your discipline]] coming out of the {{company}} for the past few months, especially the recent [[relevant post, design, rebrand, feature, update and a quick note showing you actually looked at it]]

One of my acquaintances, [[name of connection]] is a contributor to the [[Company Name]] and she recommended I reach out to you to see if it’d be a good fit for me to contribute as well. Right now, I typically [[one liner about the services you offer and niche that it’s in, showing your clearly a good potential hire for them]]

[[If possible, add an extra sentence highlighting relevant past work or offering up more industry credibility boosters.]]

Let me know if this sounds interesting and I’d be happy to put together a few ideas on a [[deliverable]] we can test out!

[[Your Name]]

Partnership with [[company_name]]

Hey {{first_name}},

I'm [[your_name]], the owner of [[company_name]].

[[discuss your traffic sources]]

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

We can send visitors to your product listings and generate tons of sales.

We already do so for similar products and are happy to show you the traffic and revenue numbers if you'd like.

We would like to offer a partnership where we do the following:

1) We continue to promote/list your products and further promote throughout our site

2) At the end of the month, we will send you a report showing the number of sales we generate for your products

3)You will pay us an additional commission (TBD) for each sale for our promotions.

This will incentivize us to promote you further and be compensated for it. This also benefits your brand since we actively promote your products, thus helping you receive more organic sales via Amazon.

We can share a report to show you what it would look like and be happy to discuss the details.

[[your name]]

Join our referral program

Hey {{first_name}},

[[name]] here from [[company]], a high-rated [[competitor]] alternative.

I saw one of your posts promoting [[X]] and thought you'd be a great fit for our referral program, to help us spread the word about [[company]].

We’re already working with the likes of [[example 1]] and [[example 2]] who generate more than 4-figures in revenue through us.

By signing up and promoting [[company]] through our program you get:

- 30% recurring and scalable commissions

- Bonus rewards! (Currently, you have the chance to earn an extra $150 as a fast-start bonus)

- Ready-made resources to promote us effectively (banners, newsletter templates, guides, and more)

- SEO assistance from our content team

- A dedicated Account Manager (that’s me!)

- Ready to start earning? Here’s the link to join us: [[link]]

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I am also reachable via Linkedin! :)



Feature your email template

Hey {{first_name}},

This is Irina from Hunter.

I’m working now on creating the biggest directory with cold email templates. I was checking the benchmarks for the average response rates Hunter Campaigns users achieved and noticed that you had a very successful cold email campaign.

Don’t you mind sharing with us your best-performing cold email to feature it in our directory? Of course, I’ll give credit to you 🙂

Growth Collaboration

Hello {{first_name}},

John here from Nightwatch.

I'm reaching out to ask if you're open to collaborate to help each other grow?

I noticed that you're publishing topics around SEO which happens to be an area that we cover on our blog as well.

If you're interested, let's chat more.


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How to write a cold marketing email template?

A perfect cold marketing email has these key elements: converting subject line, catchy opening line, short and straight to the point body, closing with a CTA, and your signature.

  • Subject line. Make it personal, short, and relevant. You can ask your prospects intriguing questions or mention a mutual connection.
  • Opening line. Come up with a clever and catchy opening line that will make your prospects read your email further.
  • Email body. Make it short, personalize your offer on a high level and provide value. Write like a human using simple words and sentences.
  • Call-to-Action. Create a single and powerful call-to-action that will be clear to your prospects.
  • Signature. Shortly introduce yourself and the business you represent. Besides that, you can add a link to your latest case study, video, or webinar recording.

Read more: How to Write a Cold Email That Converts (Without Being Pushy)

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