Showcase {{company}} to 730K+ potential customers

Hey {{first_name}},

I’ve heard amazing things about {{company}} lately and I just had to reach out :-)

AppSumo is hand-selecting a few stellar products to feature in October and we would love to showcase {{company}} to over 730,000+ potential new customers.

When we asked our customers if they'd be interested in a product like yours, we got a huge resounding "yes!".

I think they would make for great lifetime {{company}} customers.

Here is some more info on our reach, our customers, and who we've worked with in the past:

Please email me by the 30th and we'll make it happen.


[[Your Name]]

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Dean Yeong , Sumo

About this template

This email is all about showcasing the value you can deliver to the partner.

- We can put you in front of 730,000+ potential new customers.
- Our audience has already told us they’d LOVE your product.
- We’ve worked with a bunch of awesome companies.

Who would turn down that deal? You have to make replying to your cold email a no-brainer. A couple of key points:

- You need to understand what the priorities of the other business are before you try to work with them. What are they trying to achieve, and how can you help them do it?
- You MUST show proof that you are worth their time to even consider chatting with you.
Dean Yeong
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