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How to write a cold marketing email template?

A perfect cold marketing email has these key elements: converting subject line, catchy opening line, short and straight to the point body, closing with a CTA, and your signature.

  • Subject line. Make it personal, short, and relevant. You can ask your prospects intriguing questions or mention a mutual connection.
  • Opening line. Come up with a clever and catchy opening line that will make your prospects read your email further.
  • Email body. Make it short, personalize your offer on a high level and provide value. Write like a human using simple words and sentences.
  • Call-to-Action. Create a single and powerful call-to-action that will be clear to your prospects.
  • Signature. Shortly introduce yourself and the business you represent. Besides that, you can add a link to your latest case study, video, or webinar recording.

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