Cold Email Guide

Send better email outreach campaigns.

Hunter's Cold Email Guide is a collection of resources to help you send better email outreach campaigns. It covers everything from technical setup to strategy and copywriting, providing both theoretical and practical advice you can apply to improve your success rates at your own pace.

Cold Email Strategy Development

Prepare an irresistible offer and figure out how to build a connection with your prospects.

Cold Email List Building

Figure out how to find prospects based on your ICP and get their contact information.

Technical Setup for Cold Emails

Set up your email domain and cold email tool, then configure everything to maximize deliverability.

Cold Email Writing

Learn about the best practices for writing emails, CTAs and subject lines that make your recipients reply.

Sending Cold Email Campaigns

Learn how to schedule outreach campaigns to protect your deliverability and maximize your success rates.

Cold Email Metrics

Get familiar with the metrics you should use to analyze and optimize your cold email campaigns.