Cold Email Guide

Build a list of recipients

Figure out how to find prospects based on your ICP and get their contact information.

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Build a list of recipients

Building a mailing list may seem simple.

First, you identify the key shared characteristics of your recipients.

Then, you find tools and methods to turn those characteristics into names of people and companies.

And in the final step, you find the email addresses of these people.

But it’s easier said than done.

This series of articles will teach you how to enrich your customer profile, leverage its attributes to find prospects at scale, and find their email addresses.

Use trenching to segment your ICP

Trenching means dividing a broad ICP into multiple narrow ICPs. It lets you reach a broad market while sending hyper-relevant campaigns.

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Prospecting tools and methods

You need to look for tools and methods that leverage the shared characteristics of your ICP. Review your ICP and figure out the types of data you’re looking for, then look for the right tool in this article.

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Find verified email addresses of your prospects

The final prospecting step before you can proceed to creating and sending emails is to find the verified email addresses of your prospects.

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