Cold Email Guide

Write your cold emails

Learn about the best practices for writing emails, CTAs and subject lines that make your recipients reply.

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Write your cold emails

You need several ingredients to write a perfect cold email.

One is personalization – showing your prospect you've researched them to the point where you're confident you can send them a relevant offer.

Then, you need to figure out a subject line that will make the recipient open your email.

Finally, you need to write email copy that's both persuasive and presents the right arguments to produce a positive reply.

Personalize your emails

Personalizing cold emails can be very beneficial for your campaign. Not only can it get you more replies, but it can also improve the deliverability of your emails. However, if done poorly, personalization can also damage your campaign.

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Write the subject line

With a good understanding of your recipient and what you’re offering them, you can write a subject line that makes them not only open your email, but also develop the right expectations for what happens next.

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Write the email body

How do you choose the right arguments, and how can you be persuasive when presenting them?

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