Cold Email Guide

Create an outreach strategy

Prepare an irresistible offer and figure out how to build a connection with your prospects.

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Create an outreach strategy

Don't start with the copy. Don't start with prospecting.

Even if you're already running cold email campaigns, take a step back, and examine your strategy.

Who are you targeting? How can you help them? What can you achieve with your cold emails, and how will it turn your prospects into customers?

If you can accurately answer these questions, you won't take any wrong turns when looking for prospects or writing your email sequence.

Use the Value Proposition Canvas

Align your solution with the needs of your prospects to start building a detailed ICP for your campaigns.

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Send cold emails with WARM goals

Cold emails need well-defined, achievable, reciprocal, and meaningful (WARM) objectives.

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Define your email sequence and follow-up strategy

Following up after your first email is a must, and you should have a strategic plan for your entire cold email sequence.

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