Monthly Yearly (save 30%)
$0 /mo
$0 /mo
50 searches
50 verifications
$49 /mo
$34 /mo
500 searches
500 verifications
$99 /mo
$69 /mo
2,500 searches
2,500 verifications
$199 /mo
$139 /mo
10,000 searches
10,000 verifications
$399 /mo
$279 /mo
30,000 searches
30,000 verifications

All the paid plans include:

Domain Search full results and exports

Campaigns premium features

Priority support

Team subscription

You can share your subscription with as many people you want in your team, at no additional cost.

Custom plans

Do you want to use Hunter in a big team, need large volume of data or have other specific needs? Please contact us.

Common questions about the pricing

I just want to use Hunter once to export data. Is it possible?

Yes. You're free to take a subscription just for one month and cancel it when your work is done.

Do I cancel my subscription when I want?

Yes, you can change or cancel your plan at any time in your dashboard. Once you have canceled, you'll still have access to your premium plan until the end of your subscription cycle.

Can I share my subscription with my team?

Yes! You are free to add team members to share your subscription with. In this case, all the members will share the common monthly quotas provided in the plan.

How are searches counted when using the Domain Search?

When you use the Domain Search, a search request is counted every 10 email addresses returned (every page). For example, if you fetch 176 results from a domain, 18 requests will be counted.

When there is no result, it's free.

How are searches counted when using the Email Finder?

One search request is counted for each email found using the Email Finder. If the email address can't be found, it's free.

How are verifications counted when using the Email Verifier?

One verification requests is counted for each email verified. If we fail to verify, no request is counted; in this case, the verification status returned is "Unknown".

The personal email addresses (like from Gmail or Outlook) and the disposable email addresses are not verified by Hunter. They are automatically skipped and no verification request is counted.

Are the same requests made several times counted each time?

No. The same requests are counted once per billing period.

What about searches made using the browser extension or the Google Sheets add-on?

Search and verification requests are counted the same way wherever they are done, using the web app, the API, the browser extension, the Google Sheets add-on, or any other products.

More questions about the pricing? Contact us.
Questions about our pricing?