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Find verified contact information of your prospects in bulk, in minutes. Hunter’s Bulk Email Finder can quickly enrich your contact list with accurate, validated contact information.

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We’ve been improving our email-finding algorithm since 2015 to deliver unrivaled data quality.

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The Bulk Email Finder is powered by real data from real websites – millions of websites.

Verified email addresses.

The Bulk Email Finder only returns email addresses that are validated with our Email Verifier.

Hunter has benefited me by significantly reducing the time and effort required to locate relevant contacts. This has allowed me to focus more on crafting personalized outreach messages and building meaningful relationships with potential partners.
Noam Dorokhov Marketing Manager at Squaretalk
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Common questions about the Bulk Email Finder

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The Bulk Email Finder is a tool to find the email addresses of a list of professionals in bulk. It lets you upload a list of contacts in a CSV or TXT format and export the file enriched with email addresses.

The file you upload must have:

  • One column for the first name and one for the last name, or one single column with the full name.
  • One column for the organization or its website.

You can test our email-finding algorithm with individual searches using the Email Finder.

The Bulk Email Finder uses the most complete database of public email addresses found on the web to find the right contact information.

All the email addresses go through Hunter’s email verification before being returned. If an email address is reported as Valid, you can safely use it to send a cold email. For other email addresses, the Bulk Email Finder returns a confidence score which indicates Hunter’s confidence in the validity of the address.

Our internal benchmarks show that Hunter’s email-finding algorithm provides data of the highest quality, finding more valid email addresses than any other tested solution.

There are two scenarios.

  • First, the Bulk Email Finder will search for a match in our extensive database of email addresses that we found on the web.
  • If there is no match, the Email Finder will use other various data points to deduce the most likely valid email address.

In both scenarios, the email addresses are validated using Hunter’s Email Verifier.

Yes, you can start using the Bulk Email Finder to find email addresses in bulk for free. A free Hunter plan comes with 25 searches/month. If you need to find more email addresses in bulk, you can upgrade your plan.

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