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Enrich a list of professionals with verified email addresses.
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1 First name Last name Domain
2 Richard Hendricks piedpiper.com
3 Elrich Bachmann piedpiper.com
4 Jared Dunn piedpiper.com
5 Dinesh Chugtai piedpiper.com
6 Bertram Gilfoyle piedpiper.com
7 Peter Gregory raviga.com
8 Laurie Bream raviga.com
9 Ronald Laflamme raviga.com
10 Gavin Belson hooli.com
Get your file enriched with verified email addresses.
1 Email address Verification status
2 richard@piedpiper.com
3 erlich@piedpiper.com
4 jared@piedpiper.com
5 dinesh@piedpiper.com
6 bertram@piedpiper.com
7 pgregory@raviga.com
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8 lbeam@raviga.com
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9 rlaflamme@raviga.com
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10 gavin.belson@hooli.com

Data from 67M+ domains

Use an algorithm powered by the data of millions of websites.

High matching rate

Get the most complete enrichment you can from your data.

Verified email addresses

All the email addresses go through an email verification.

Best performing email lookup service in 20201

Every contact is a potential opportunity. Hunter helps you find the most accurate email address you can for each of them. Already 2 million people use Hunter for their email outreach.

Common questions about the Bulk Email Finder

What is the Bulk Email Finder?

The Bulk Email Finder lets you find the email addresses of a list of professionals. You can upload your file in CSV format and download the file enriched with email addresses.

The file you upload must have:

  • One column for the first name and one for the last name, or one single column with the full name.
  • One column for the organization or its website.

You can test individual searches with the Email Finder.

What is the accuracy of the email addresses?

The Email Finder uses the most complete database of public email addresses to find the right contact information.

All the email addresses go through an email verification before being returned. You can use all the email addresses marked "Valid" safely.

Are the email addresses guesses or found somewhere?

Both cases can happen.

  • First, the Email Finder will search a match in our large database of email addresses appearing publicly on the web.
  • If there is no likely match, the Email Finder will use other various data points to deduct the most likely email address.

In both cases, the email addresses go through an email verification to validate the accuracy.

Is it free?

You can start using the Bulk Email Finder for free. A free account provides 50 searches/month. For more significant volumes, you can upgrade your plan.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Where the Bulk Email Finder can be used

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