Congrats on your launch on Shopify

Hey {{first_name}},

I noticed [[Brand Name]] just launched on Shopify ‒ congrats! How amazing did it feel to press that publish button?

Not too long ago, I released a how-to guide all about optimizing a Shopify website for SEO. In it, I break down specific insights on things like [[Topic]], [[Topic]] and [[Topic]].

Launching your site is just the first step; I’d love to show you how you can increase your traffic and sustain its growth long-term. If you’d like to give it a read, let me know!

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Nickole Jackson , Foundation

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Don’t always ask for information in return for your content. They already gave you their contact information; it’s OK to give away some of your best content in return. That in itself builds some major rapport.

Nickole Jackson