{{first_name}}, your [[restaurant]] will recover from COVID-19 if…

Hi {{first_name}},

Your restaurant will recover from COVID-19, if you get the help and support you need.

Do you have it?

Hi, my name is [[your name]], I’m a [[partner]] at [[XYZ Agency]]. When the Avian bird flu pandemic hit in 2005, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that spending on food services, arts, and accommodations would temporarily decline by about 80% during a major pandemic.

COVID-19 hit all of us hard.

You’re probably hurting financially. If so, I’ve got some good news. Your [[restaurant]] will recover with the right tools and resources. I will be able to help once we receive the all-clear.

I can deliver [[x%]] more customers to your business in the next 14 days. I can provide you with the foot traffic and customers you need to help your business recover, pay only for results.


[[your signature]]

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