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Natively integrates with Gmail and Outlook.
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Automate your cold email outreach with Hunter Campaigns — a simple but powerful cold email tool. Connect your email account to create, personalize, schedule, and send targeted campaigns at scale. Manage replies, track opens, clicks, and recipient activity.

Send cold emails that resonate with your audience.

Custom attributes

Automate personalizing your emails using the data you have about your prospects.

Full control

Review each email before they get sent.

Medias and attachments

Add videos, pictures, or attachments.


Use our battle-tested templates to quickly put together convincing messages.

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Schedule your campaigns easily.


Add follow-ups to nudge your recipients.

Scheduling and limits

Control the timing of your email outreach to maximize reply rate.

High deliverability

Land straight in the inbox, not the spam folder.

Multiple accounts

Add multiple accounts and use email account rotation to scale your sending volume.

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Track your results.

Email tracking

Know which emails get you clicks, opens, and new business opportunities.

Warm lead identification

Quickly identify the recipients who have engaged with your emails without replying.

Reporting page

Monitor your success and analyze the performance of every campaign, account, team member, and domain.

Custom tracking domain

Track your success using a custom domain to maximize your deliverability.

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Fits in your sales stack.

CRM integrations

Automatically log your email outreach activity to your favorite CRM.

Automating with Zapier

Integrate cold email campaigns into your sales workflow with 5,000+ apps.

Integrated with your email provider

Natively integrate with Gmail or Outlook, and connect to other ESPs using SMTP/IMAP.

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We use Hunter Campaigns to source qualified buyers for some of our clients. The product is incredibly easy to use and delivered fantastic results.
Andrew Gazdecki CEO at
Used and loved by 4+ million users.
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  • Included Templates
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  • Not included Images and attachments in emails
  • Not included Custom domains
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  • Included Connect multiple Gmail or Outlook accounts
  • Included Scheduling
  • Included Follow-ups
  • Included Custom attributes
  • Included Templates
  • Included Tracking opens
  • Included Tracking clicks
  • Included Images and attachments in emails
  • Included Custom domains
  • Included SMTP/IMAP integration
  • Included Email account rotation
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Common questions about Hunter Campaigns

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Cold email software helps organize and scale your email outreach. With features such as automated sending, follow-up automation, email tracking, and adding personalization at scale, Hunter Campaigns can save you time and drive better results for your cold emails.

While it’s possible to send cold emails manually from your inbox, you should use cold email software like Hunter Campaigns when you want to scale & automate email outreach. When using Campaigns, you can send personalized emails at scale without worrying about batching and scheduling, tracking your emails, and analyzing your results.

Hunter Campaigns also helps you use cold email outreach within your broader operations thanks to CRM integrations.

Absolutely! For many industries, cold email remains one of the most efficient ways to grow your business. If your campaigns are personalized and you carefully select your recipients based on their immediate needs, you’re bound to receive positive replies.

Yes, sending cold emails doesn’t have to be different than sending regular emails. If you only have a couple of emails to send, using your regular email client is fine. However, using cold email software is the easiest way to automate your campaigns.

With Hunter Campaigns, you can send up to 400 emails per day per Gmail account and up to 250 emails per day per Outlook account. However, we recommend sending a maximum of 100 emails per day to keep optimal deliverability. You can add additional email accounts to go over that limit. At Hunter, we believe successful cold email campaigns focus on quality more than quantity.

Our cold email tool is free to use. However, you can subscribe to a premium plan to supercharge your cold email strategy with additional features.

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