Our easy-to-use cold email software. Send cold emails and schedule follow-ups, all from your Gmail or Outlook account. It's free.

Cold email outreach campaign
Works with Gmail and Outlook

Built to get replies

We are convinced the best results are given by combining automation and personal attention. We designed Hunter Campaigns with this idea in mind.

Hunter prepares the cold emails and follow-ups for you, and lets you add a personal touch to every message.
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You focus on the content. We take care of the rest.

Our mission: make your outreach incredibly simple. You can focus on building meaningful relationships with new people.

Full personalization

Review and edit any email scheduled in a campaign.


Decide when the Campaigns are sent and set a daily quota.

Email tracking

Know what happens to your emails after you click send.

Custom attributes

Make every email personal by integrating your own data.


Browse hundreds of best-performing cold email templates.

Multiple accounts

Link multiple Google or Microsoft accounts to the same Hunter account.

Available for free

Hunter Campaigns is available for free to all Hunter users. Create your free account today and start sending your first cold email in minutes.

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$0 /mo

  • Scheduling
  • Follow-ups
  • Custom attributes
  • Templates
  • Open tracking
  • 1 Gmail or Outlook account


Starts at $49 /mo

  • Scheduling
  • Follow-ups
  • Custom attributes
  • Templates
  • Open tracking
  • 5 Gmail or Outlook accounts
  • Click tracking
  • Images and attachments in emails
  • Email searches and verifications

Common questions about Hunter Campaigns

What is a cold email software?

A cold email tool lets you create and personalize outreach emails. It typically includes follow-ups automation, email tracking and integrations.

How do professionals send cold emails?

You can send cold emails directly from your personal inbox. But most professionals use a cold email software to make the process faster and easier to scale.

Can I use Gmail for cold email?

Yes, as long as you respect the Google Workspace Acceptable Use Policy and Gmail’s sending limits.

How many cold emails can I send per day?

With Hunter Campaigns, you can send up to 400 emails per day per Gmail account and up to 250 emails per day per Outlook account. However, we recommend sending a maximum of 100 emails per day to keep optimal deliverability. You can add additional email accounts to go over that limit.

Is Hunter Campaigns free to use?

Our cold email tool is provided for free. You can subscribe to a premium premium plan to supercharge your cold email strategy with additional features.
Hunter's use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.