Marketing priorities

Hi {{first_name}},

As we look to 2017 our marketing department has a lot to think about and prioritize. Where to spend their budget? How many events to attend? How can they maximize our existing lead database?

Since so many of the companies we work with are asking themselves the same questions I thought you would appreciate a couple of articles on building on those strategies:

- How Our Team Got Started With Lead Nurturing
- How to Staff a Small Marketing Team to Achieve Stellar Growth
- Achieving Great Marketing Goals

How are you planning to use social media to help you hit your marketing goals this year, {{first_name}}?

Let me know if you're interested in chatting. It'll only take 15 minutes.


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Jenny Keohane , Yesware

About this template

- Addresses recipient’s concerns: What better way to show someone you know them than to state outright the questions that keep them up at night? Hint: use “we” only if you’re in the same department as your recipient. If you aren’t, use “you” instead.

- Shares helpful content: When you do something for someone (direct them to content that helps them in their job), they feel obliged to do something for you (reply to you).

- Leaves communication open: Emphasizing that something (in this case, having a call) is optional actually increases people’s desire to agree.
Jenny Keohane
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