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I love using! It's such a great service I had to reach out to you to show you how I'm using it. 🔍

My name is Justin Higgins and I'm a software engineer who knows nothing about sales and marketing.

So I built the world's best advertisement in order to get good at those skills. 💪

It's called and it is composed of 86,400 individual ads that are shown for every second in the day. It's a creative piece of advertising for lovers of the internet. 💙

It'd be a cost effective way to advertise your company and fun way to show promote Hunter. 📈

You can join for less than the price of lunch and advertise your website every day to our visitors.

I'd love to have you in the project and am happy to answer your questions.

Enjoy the day!

If you want to know more about why I built this or how it will benefit you, give my launch post a read!

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