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Hey {{first_name}},

I saw on Twitter you’ve been sharing some awesome posts on conversion rate optimization.

Recently I spotted these two super helpful posts and just wanted to share them with you:

[[Link 1]]

[[Link 2]]

Would also be happy to share a little about our conversion rates at Sumo if you’re up for it?


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Dean Yeong , Sumo

About this template

This one works because you’re trying to deliver value to your prospect before you make an ask. A couple of key points:

- Don’t just share your stuff. Your blog might be awesome, but the goal of this email is to build a relationship, not get one click to your content. Share the most useful/valuable content you can find.

- Do your research. Twitter is a goldmine for this. Head over to your prospect’s Twitter page and look at what they’ve been sharing recently.
Dean Yeong
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