App performance issues

Hey {{first_name}},

We've been hearing from several existing Keyace's customers that they've been experiencing significant application performance issues recently. We can imagine your team would be getting frustrated if that's also happening at Linecom!

We've developed our solution to support leading enterprises such as Unalax, Zamlax and Dunder Mifflin with stability, security and reliability in mind so you won't have these problems with Domcam.

Are you available early next week to discuss why companies like Codelux, Quotabar and Drillfan moved from Keyace to Domcam this year? If not please let us know when's best to reconnect.


Categories Sales Prospecting Template by
Jenny Keohane , Yesware

About this template

- Hitting a pain point: Justify their frustration with the competitor and alert them there’s a solution.

- Social proof: Naming other well-known clients builds your credibility.

- “Stability, security, and reliability”: Use words that will make them feel safe.
Jenny Keohane
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