Hunter for Google Sheets

Find and verify email addresses directly in Google Sheets.

Domain Search in Google Sheets

Get the email addresses for any domain

Launch a single or bulk Domain Search directly from Google Sheet.

Email Finder in Google Sheets

Enrich a list of people with email addresses

Find the email addresses of a list of people using the first name, last name and company.

Email Verifier in Google Sheets

Verify a list of email addresses

Get a fast verification of a list of email addresses directly in your spreasheets.

"I tried a dozen email finders, and Hunter is simply the most accurate one."
Nick Churick
Nick Churick
Marketing Manager, Ahrefs
Featured in:
The Guardian

Common questions about the add-on

Is Hunter for Google Sheets free to use?

Yes. It requires a free account that provides 25 free searches/month. Your can upgrade your account for more.

How do I authenticate in the add-on?

Once you've installed the Google Sheets add-on, you will be asked to authenticate your account by giving a secret API key. You can find it in your dashboard, in the API section.

How to find email addresses with the add-on?

There are two ways to find email addresses with the Google Sheets add-on:

  • With the Domain Search to find email addresses related to domain names or company names. You can use it in the Search tab of the add-on.
  • With the Email Finder to find professional email addresses from names. You can use it in the Finder tab of the add-on.

How to verify email addresses with the add-on?

Select the Verifier tab and enter the column that contains the email addresses you wish to verify. The verification results will be automatically added in new columns.

How many emails can be found or verified with the add-on?

The Google Sheets add-on can process:

Due to a Google Sheets limitation, the Email Finder and Email Verifier tasks automatically stop after 30 minutes of execution. To resume the task, click the button again.

For larger tasks, we recommend using the bulk tasks on Hunter's website instead.