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Hey {{first_name}},

I am Erez from Israel by Foot. A personal website focusing on Nature and Hiking in Israel.
I am also blogging on the Times of Israel (DA=89) and a publisher on Atlas Obscura (DA=88).

I stumbled upon your page [[about or mentioning]] [[topi]].
I have just published a super-detailed page about [[anchor text]], including hikes and maps. I am sure it will be a useful resource for your readers.

I hope you can consider linking to this new page from your post.

* I am not paying for links! However, I will be happy to return a favor☺
For example:
Link to you from Atlas Obscura or the Times of Israel. (This can be done only for relevant high-quality content. I will never enforce a link that does not enhance the linking content).
Write for you high-quality content.
Share a post for you on social media.
Share with your relevant contacts in the industry.
I am a big believer that there are always creative Win-Win options!

Thank you for considering,

Erez Speiser

Shared by Erez Speiser at Israel by Foot.
It is highly personalized including the subject line and it offers the receiver something in return that has high value for him/her.
Erez Speiser
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