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Hi {{first_name}},

Recently one of my friends who owns a startup told me that, ''He started his own business with nothing and still has most of it'' Puns aside, I am Vignesh Wadarajan I own a blog where I write stuff about blogging and marketing.

While I was skimming through this article of yours [[article URL]], I found out that you've linked to a well-qualified piece:- [[article URL]]:- 'starting a blog'

The resource is truly great, it clearly simplifies blogging and helps how one can go about it. But despite such extensive info, I felt that the content didn't talked a lot about:-

1) How to choose a less competitive (yet profitable) niche

2) How to do keyword research in the right way

3) How to do link building

Which I see as definitive pillars to start any blog and I mentioned all those points in my definitive guide on 'How To Start a Blog' [[artilce URL]].

You can check my piece thoroughly in your free time and if it's good, please go ahead & share my link. (Not to say that I would be damn thrilled)

Note: By no means, I meant to say that the current resource from your article is not qualified enough, but what I actually meant was that my article adds additional perspectives and it might cater well to your content.

Thank You

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Vignesh Wadarajan , VW
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