Yup… Another Email Asking For A Guest Post

Hello {{first_name}}

I’m [[your name]] from [[your company]] and we recently published a [[type of content]] showing the [[topic of your content]].

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m about to ask if you would let me write a guest post for your site! Why? Because we really deserve it and as you can see from our article… we know what we are talking about!

What Do I Want Exactly?

I’ve been reading your site for a while now and I see you don’t currently have an article on [[insert topic]]. So, there’s an opportunity for both of us here!

I would like to arrange to provide you with the content to fill this gap, and of course my ulterior motive of placing a link back to my page. Win-win right?

Why Should You Publish This Content?

[[Brief description of what makes your content so damn awesome!?]]

What’s In It For You?

Here are a few things I can do for you:

[[quick list of how you can help]]

What do you think?


Categories SEO Guest post Template by
Jet Saini , Drip Digital

About this template

It's a very straightforward and blunt approach to messaging site owners, who get hundreds of emails a day. You can stand out of the crowd by being honest with your intentions, and demonstrating the value you can provide.
Jet Saini
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