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Hey {{first_name}},

I saw that you've had a few great posts from contributors on your site. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve written a lot on [[insert topic here]] and would love to put something together for your blog. Here are some of my past posts in case you’re curious.

[[1. Link to post #1]]
[[2. Link to post #2]]
[[3. Link to post #3]]

Also, I looked through your site and came up with a few topics that I thought you might like.

[[1. Topic A]]
[[2. Topic B]]
[[3. Topic C]]

Do you think any of these topics would be a good fit for your blog?

Thanks in advance!

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Jeff Oxford , 180 Marketing

About this template

The short subject line invokes curiosity which typically results in a high open rate. Next, including links to existing content examples provides evidence to the blogger that you really do have knowledge and experience in the field while also demonstrating the quality of your writing. Mentioning a few potential topics that would be a good fit helps shift the conversation to the next step which is agreeing on a topic. And lastly, the simple call to action makes it easy for the blogger to respond to the email.
Jeff Oxford
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