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This might sound impossible, but this is marketing automation made easy. LottaZoom helps drive demand generation within the content marketing process with our JayBase Integration.

You can create, review, and manage JayBase Email Templates and Landing Pages then push them directly into JayBase, without having to copy/paste or jump around different platforms (finally!).

In addition to this automated awesomeness, we can pull metrics from content that was pushed from LottaZoom. This will make you and your team's lives a lot easier to get instant insights on the performance of marketing campaigns to generate even better content and stories.

If this sounds like something that will make your life a whole lot better, let's chat for 15 minutes this week. How's your calendar look this Thursday?


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Jenny Keohane , Yesware

About this template

Identifies service that company uses: This establishes familiarity. It’s scientifically-proven that we give preference to things and people we’re familiar with, which leads to comfort. Envisions the end picture: Like a fortune-teller, help them glimpse to the future. Show how great their life will be with your product. Note: This persuasive technique only works if you have the right claims and credentials. No grasping at straws.
Jenny Keohane
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