Hope you're doing well?

Hey {{first_name}},

It's been a while! It looks like you've been doing some exciting things since we worked together at [[company]]. How is your [[current job]] going?

I'm sure things are busy, but is there a day soon when you might be free to catch up over lunch or coffee? It'd be great to reconnect. I hope you've been well.

Take care,
[[your name]]

Categories Follow-up Networking follow-up Template by
Rohan Mahtani , Resume Worded

About this template

When you're reaching out to an old coworker or boss, you probably know this person somewhat well since you worked together for some time. You might not need to say how you know each other, and even if you haven't talked in a while, grabbing lunch or coffee together can be a fun, low-key way to reconnect.
Rohan Mahtani
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