Improve [[process]] at {{company}}

Hi {{first_name}},

I am reaching out to you because being the {{position}}, I was certain you would know more about the current process in place at your company for [[which department]].

Like we’ve helped [[your existing customer]], I felt you might be interested in improving your [[the biggest challenge for the prospect]].

I did a fair amount of research on your company’s [[current system]] and I’m sharing a few of my thoughts here which could help you save [[the benefit your product offer]]}:

1. I noticed that [[state the current problem and how it can be better]].
2. [[state the current problem and how it can be better]]

I’d love to share a few more ideas with you and spend more time in understanding your current process.

{{first_name}}, could we spend 15 mins this week to chat about this?

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Radhika Bhangolai , Freshworks
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