Meeting Recap and Our Next Steps

Hey {{first_name}},

Thanks for a great meeting today. Here’s a quick recap of what we talked about, what we have to focus on in the coming weeks, and the steps we need to take to accomplish our goals.

Objective: Discuss monthly growth figures to determine wins, losses, and areas to improve (for example)

Conversation points:

New channels struggling to maintain retention levels.
Missed target: increase upgraded users by 7%.
Hiring needs: 3 additions to the growth team, 7 additions to the dev team.

Action points:

Restructure support team to improve retention and customer satisfaction.
Implement A/B testing discussed on premium products.
Start job posting and internal outreach for open positions.

Next meeting: Thursday, 8/16


Categories Follow-up Sales follow-up Template by
Anna Pozniak , NetHunt CRM

About this template

- You establish a stronger bond between you and a prospect;
- You remind them about pain points that need an immediate solution;
- You schedule the next meeting right away after the first one.
Anna Pozniak
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