How to Enrich HubSpot Data With Hunter

How to Enrich HubSpot Data With Hunter

Imagine your HubSpot account – the lifeblood of your business operations, the cornerstone of efficient client management – filled with inaccurate contact information.

If the data is lacking or incorrect in some manner, it will cause difficulties for everyone, from your marketers to your support heroes.

Unfortunately, it’s too often the case that contact information in HubSpot isn’t reviewed and gets stale.

This is where the integration of your HubSpot account with comes into play. It ensures the instant transfer of contact details from Hunter to your HubSpot contacts, boosting your sales efficiency and streamlining your sales and marketing processes.

What does integrating bring to your HubSpot experience?

  • Data enrichment: To prevent incomplete profiles or missing data, you can enhance your HubSpot information with email addresses and more.
  • Seamless sync and lead transfer: Effortlessly transfer your contacts and leads from to HubSpot, complete with details like names, email addresses, job titles, and more.
  • Lead verification: Export contact information from HubSpot to Hunter to validate email addresses, ensuring your leads are up to date and reducing email bounce rates.
  • No more manual entry: Copy-pasting data directly to HubSpot is time-consuming and prone to manual errors. Hunter’s HubSpot integration automates the process without breaking your workflows.

This article will explore the advantages of integrating with HubSpot, outline the necessary requirements, and walk you through the integration process using real-world examples.

Understanding the value of data enrichment

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of the integration, let's address why enriched data matters in the first place.

Why does enriched data matter?

Well, let's say that clean data is better than outdated data.

Having confidence in the accuracy and freshness of your HubSpot data means no more awkward moments searching for a prospect's job title or reaching out to contacts who've left their target company—no one needs those email bounces as this hurts your email domain reputation.

Moreover, data enrichment is more than just cleaning your CRM; it enables targeted marketing efforts, connects you with high-value customers, and optimizes marketing costs.

Thanks to the integration, your HubSpot database remains clean, complete, and consistent. This means your teams can focus on their core roles without the hassle of data collection and verification.

Now that you understand why enriched data is vital, let’s cover how to set up the integration and provide an overview of HubSpot.

Setting up the integration

Hunter offers a free HubSpot integration that allows adding new and already saved leads from Hunter to your HubSpot account.

You’ll need:

Connect HubSpot to Hunter

To start the integration, go to the Integrations page, and select Connect HubSpot.

HubSpot integration in Hunter's Integrations page

You will see two options, based on whether you already have a HubSpot account or not.

  • Create a new HubSpot account
  • Sign in to your HubSpot account
Two options when connecting Hunter to HubSpot: creating a new account or signing in to an existing one

If you already have an account, click the Sign in to your HubSpot account button and follow the steps.

You'll automatically be prompted to enter your HubSpot credentials and log in to authorize the integration. This step establishes the connection between and your HubSpot account.

Select Hunter as the account and Choose Account.

Choosing a Hunter account to connect to HubSpot

After authorization, you'll find "HubSpot" in Hunter's "Integrations" sidebar menu. That’s where you can review and update the settings.

Settings for the HubSpot integration with Hunter

Set up the synchronization

The next step is to review and adjust the settings to customize the integration according to your specific needs.

There are several options available to configure your synchronization between and HubSpot:

  1. You can configure whether you want leads to be updated in HubSpot when they are updated in Hunter and/or deleted from Hunter. This will ensure that any changes to your leads on Hunter will automatically be updated on your CRM.
  2. You can also select when a lead should be created in HubSpot:
  • when you create a lead in Hunter,
  • when an email is sent from Hunter Campaigns to the lead,
  • or opt to do this sync manually.
Options for how leads are synchronized with Hunter


  • Only the leads you personally create will sync. If your colleagues in your Hunter team save leads, those won't automatically sync to your HubSpot account.
  • When you opt for a manual synchronization and click on a lead, a button will appear under ''Synchronization''. Click on ''Sync this lead'' to manually update it in HubSpot.
A button for manual synchronization with HubSpot in Hunter Leads

If you already had existing leads saved in Hunter before connecting Hunter with HubSpot, those leads won't be synchronized by default. However, you can synchronize them in HubSpot by clicking the ''Synchronize X leads'' button on the integration's settings page. This also happens when you select the option to sync leads manually, as it allows you to sync leads in bulk.

A bulk synchronization option in Hunter

Your synchronized leads can have a dedicated Contact Owner in HubSpot. To enable that option, select the assigned person from your team:

Selecting the Contact Owner in HubSpot

It's also possible to create a deal in HubSpot every time a lead is created in Hunter by selecting the appropriate box.

An option to automatically create a HubSpot deal when a lead is created in Hunter

You can map different Hunter attributes to properties in HubSpot. This will ensure the integration automatically synchronizes your data from Hunter to HubSpot based on this mapping and manage leads better with a more accurate database.

To sync attributes, they would need to be on the Contact level. The associated HubSpot attribute must be a text field for the sync to work.

If you need to create additional attributes in Hunter, visit the following page if you'd like to create a new Custom Attribute.

Mapping Hunter attributes to HubSpot attributes

Once you’re done, you can click on Save settings. By completing these steps, you'll integrate Hunter with HubSpot, making lead management more efficient and effective.

Finalize the integration

You've successfully integrated Hunter with HubSpot: you're good to go!

To monitor the synchronization status of your leads, simply visit the Leads section and click on a lead. Look for the "Synchronization" status to determine if the lead has been successfully added to your CRM; it will display as "Saved" if it has.

Saved synchronization with HubSpot inside Hunter

Synchronized data in HubSpot

Now that you have finished your set-up, I wanted to share more information on where you will find your synced Hunter leads.


All of your synchronized leads will be available in the Contacts section of HubSpot.

HubSpot showing leads integrated from Hunter

To view the source of the contacts, you can click on Edit columns and include the column named Original Source Drill-Down 2. The option automatically highlights the contacts' source, showing as Hunter.

HubSpot showing the original lead source

If you also wish to log the email content directly in HubSpot, you could use HubSpot’s BCC address feature by using their forwarding address. This will log an email reply to the contact record's timeline.

forwarding address to log emails you get in Hunter to HubSpot

Then in Hunter, you can add the BCC email address in the Content step of your campaign:

Adding the forwarding address in Hunter to send messages from Hunter to HubSpot

By adding HubSpot’s incoming forwarding address as a BCC in Hunter, you will see it logged in the Emails section for the applicable contact.

HubSpot interface showing emails synchronized from Hunter


If you select the option to create a Deal in HubSpot every time a lead is created in Hunter, you'll also see your saved leads in the Sales dropdown menu under ''Deals'' to help you manage your sales pipeline easily.

Creating deals in HubSpot whenever a new lead is created in Hunter

Activity log

The Activity Log in HubSpot is updated every time the following triggers happen in Hunter:

  • When an email is sent
  • When an email sent has bounced
  • When an email was opened
  • When a tracked link was clicked
  • When a lead has replied
  • When a lead has unsubscribed
  • When a note was added

You can access all recorded activities by selecting a specific lead in HubSpot. Make sure to apply the "Hunter" filter under Integrations to view the relevant activity.

viewing leads coming from Hunter by applying an "integrations" filter in HubSpot

Below is an example of the activities showing up in HubSpot after sending an email campaign to a recipient in Hunter, who also opened the received email.

Activities from Hunter showing in HubSpot's Activity tab

Use cases for Hunter’s HubSpot integration

Now that you've set up the integration, it's time to explore some cool ways and HubSpot can optimize your business.

Let's dive in!

Enrich your HubSpot contacts with data

The integration between and HubSpot not only enables you to enrich your contacts with essential data points but also streamlines the process of finding and utilizing email addresses for your lead-generation strategies.

Whether your goal is targeting specific professionals or identifying contacts within relevant departments, allows you to find email addresses effortlessly. This seamless process streamlines your lead-generation efforts, enabling the swift identification of decision-makers or key contacts within your targeted companies.

Here are the various tools you can leverage in to enhance your lead generation process using the following tools:

  • Domain Search: If you’re trying to reach out to a company but you’re not sure who the right person to contact would be? In that case, you can use Hunter’s Domain Search to get a list of contacts (and their email addresses) associated with a specific company.
  • Bulk Domain Search: Effortlessly retrieve associated email addresses by uploading a list of companies or domains using the Bulk Domain Search tool.
  • Email Finder: When you have leads in HubSpot, use to find their email addresses. Hunter’s Email Finder helps you find any professional email address in seconds. All you need to do is enter the person’s name and domain, and Hunter will provide you with their email address.
  • Bulk Email Finder: If you need to find the email addresses for a list of your HubSpot prospects, simply upload a list containing prospects’ names and websites (or company names). Hunter will then enrich your list with prospects’ email addresses.

Email addresses in Hunter are also not extracted from third-party databases; instead, they are publicly sourced from the web. This means Hunter works by scouring public web pages to find professional email addresses that are publicly available.

This provides several advantages, including full data transparency, compliance with CCPA and GDPR regulations, and the ability to update the identified emails regularly. You can find additional information on this on Our Data page.

Moreover, when exporting data, Hunter provides more than just email addresses; you get additional details for every email address when publicly available on the web, including:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Department
  • Organization
  • Confidence score
  • Position
  • Twitter handle
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Phone Number

Hunter will also show you the source URLs where an email was discovered. This enriched data enables you to tailor your outreach efforts and improve your chances of success.

Hunter's Email Finder showing sources where an email was found on the web

From there, you can export the list of verified email addresses or add it to Hunter Leads to use it within a cold email campaign. Hunter’s Campaigns feature makes it easy to create tailored email campaigns and monitors their performances in real time at no cost.

You can use Hunter Campaigns to set up, launch, and manage cold email campaigns. It supports custom sending schedules, email tracking, and advanced personalization through custom attributes.

A cold email campaign set up in Hunter Campaigns

Verify a list of email addresses

If you already have a list of email addresses for your prospects but you’re not sure if they’re valid, you can use Hunter’s Bulk Email Verifier. It makes multiple checks to ensure the email addresses on your list are safe to contact. This also helps maintain a high-quality lead list and improves the effectiveness of your email outreach campaigns.

There’s also the individual Email Verifier tool, which you can use if you’re looking to verify a single email address.

Hunter's Bulk Email Verifier

Now, you might be wondering how to start the process of leveraging Hunter’s tools with your existing HubSpot contacts to find emails.

Here's a guide to get you started:

Step 1: Export your HubSpot contacts

First, export your HubSpot contacts as a CSV file, and ensure your CSV file includes the following information to get started, such as the First Name, Last Name, and Company Names or Domains.

Step 2: Upload the CSV file to

Next, log in to your account and navigate to the Bulk Email Finder to upload your CSV file. Hunter will use this data to find the email addresses of your contacts when publicly available on the web.

Hunter's Bulk Email Finder

Step 3: Download your enriched data will provide you with an enriched CSV file containing the email addresses of the contacts that can be found on the public web.

You can click on the Import the contact list as Leads into Hunter so that the contacts will be synced to HubSpot.

Results of Hunter's bulk email find

By clicking on this option, Hunter will provide you with two options by importing either the Valid emails or the Full list of emails that couldn’t be verified.

importing leads in Hunter

Step 4: Sync into HubSpot

Now that you have saved your enriched data into Hunter, it's time to sync them to HubSpot, allowing you to easily update your lead information with the new email addresses and other data you've acquired.

importing found contacts to HubSpot

Another workaround for updating the existing records in HubSpot directly is that after finding some emails in Hunter, you can also import the records into HubSpot directly.

This will update the current contacts with new information when using the CSV option, as long as you are matching the new important with a Unique Identifier. For the Contact Records, the unique identifier is an Email Address by default.

How our customers are using the HubSpot integration's Success with HubSpot and Integration

Enhancing B2B Outreach Efforts

Matthew Klein, COO from —an innovative problem-solving engine bridging AI and human expertise—shared how integrating with HubSpot significantly transformed their lead management and B2B outreach efforts.

“Mavyn is a problem-solving engine. We allow customers to talk to an AI for all of life’s problems. But where the AI isn’t enough, we have the option for the customer to “press zero” and connect with a vetted human expert on demand. Since our launch, we have helped over 11,000 customers solve their problems. We have over 500 five-star reviews on Google. We are now expanding our expert assistant platform to allow businesses to bring the same AI-backed human experts to the customers. We are grateful for, your platform has been instrumental in helping us generate leads and form business partnerships.”

Improved Lead Generation

"With the use of, generating and managing leads for our B2B outreach became remarkably easier. It helped us streamline the process of reaching out to potential customers and communicating with them effectively."

Measurable Outcomes

"Mavyn experienced a 5% increase in conversion rates and a 15% increase in email open rates due to more effective personalized communications. But the most significant change was the time saved—a whopping 30% decrease in lead generation time."

Overcoming Challenges

“One of our biggest challenges was efficiently identifying potential leads. Integration of your database has streamlined this process, enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of our marketing efforts. Rather than search the web or ask our own contacts if they know anyone, has it right there.”

Integration Experience

“’s user interface is easy to use, even though I was a first-time user. The integration between and Hubspot was easy. We have a very detailed categorization of our leads which lead to one short hiccup. But I reached out to’s team and they got back to me with the right fix quickly.”

Unique Use Cases

"At Mavyn, we are actively standing up our B2B partnerships right now. We have used your platform to find, cultivate, and solidifying partnerships with these companies.”


Matthew Klein's experience with the HubSpot and integration reveals the significant impact it made on's B2B outreach. This case study demonstrated how a seamless integration can enhance lead generation, increase sales, and make it easier to connect with more potential customers for businesses aiming to grow.

Enhancing Sales Efficiency with HubSpot and Integration - Advally's Story

Meet Doug Bishop, the CEO of Advally, a company specializing in Holistic Revenue Optimization for advertising-supported digital media firms. Despite being a sales-focused CEO rather than a technical expert, the integration of HubSpot and played a pivotal role in transforming Advally's sales approach and shares the following:

Driving Sales Growth

"Our campaigns saw a massive improvement. Without contacts, our sales team was fishing in the dark. Hunter helped us fill in, and we increased our sales by 250%."

The impact of was evident in the significant boost to email open rates—from 15% to an impressive 28%.

Streamlining Operations

“Previously, we were doing a combination of manual prospecting and uploading spreadsheets into HubSpot. The integration made this process an absolute dream, even for a non-technical person like me! The integration has been extremely easy to use. Very "plug-and-play" so you need zero technical knowledge to make it work. Any issues I had, the Hunter team was right there to assist in a flash.”

Simplifying Lead Expansion

"We just took a bunch of lead URLs our sales team identified as quality leads and filled out our contact database for outreach."

CEO's Perspective

"As the CEO of Advally, my background is in Advertising sales. Despite being a sales guy and not a technical person, Hunter was a Breeze for me to figure out.”


Advally's success story shows how useful it is to combine HubSpot with

The ease of use, efficiency in operations, and significant improvements in sales metrics reflect the impact of this strategic integration.

This case study emphasizes the pivotal role of user-friendly technology in driving substantial business growth, even for individuals primarily focused on non-technical aspects of the business.

Key takeaways

The power of HubSpot as a platform depends on the quality of data within it. Hunter instantly fills in the data gaps in your HubSpot account, keeps your contacts fresh, and helps you leverage that throughout your entire sales process.

By using HubSpot and Hunter, you can ensure that new and existing company and personal data is accurate and up to date, so you always have the latest data to put to work.

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