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Validate lists of email addresses using our bulk email checker algorithm.

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Use clean data and
boost your deliverability.

Sending cold emails to unverified addresses can damage your sender reputation. Start using Hunter’s Bulk Email Verifier and check the validity of email addresses in bulk without having write a single line of code.

Simplicity and accuracy.

Copy and paste, or upload a CSV or TXT file, and quickly get your contact information verified before you start sending cold emails.

Comprehensive verification.

The Bulk Email Verifier tests everything from syntax to whether the email address actually exists.

Improved deliverability.

By sending your emails only to verified email addresses, you can improve your deliverability and start connecting with the right people.

Verified or scored.

If the Bulk Email Verifier can’t verify a given address with full confidence, it returns a confidence score.

Hunter has benefited me by significantly reducing the time and effort required to locate relevant contacts. This has allowed me to focus more on crafting personalized outreach messages and building meaningful relationships with potential partners.
Noam Dorokhov Marketing Manager at Squaretalk
Used and loved by 4+ million users.
4.6 on Capterra
4.4 on G2
4.8 on Trustpilot

Send cold email outreach with confidence.

The Bulk Email Verifier is built to prevent your emails from bouncing.
Focus on the quality of your data and start getting more replies.

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Common questions about the Bulk Email Verifier

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The Bulk Email Verifier is a tool to verify a list of email addresses.

It tests each email address you provide to see if there is a positive reply from the server without sending any actual emails. It also performs other verification checks on the type of email address, its format and status, and displays sources if Hunter was able to find it online.

You can test our email verification on a single email address using the Email Verifier.

If the Bulk Email Verifier marks an address as Valid, it’s safe to use. The bounce rate for these emails is lower than 1%. However, sending emails to unverified addresses is not the only reason why they may bounce. There are other possible reasons, like technical issues with the receiving email server or low sender reputation.

If a verified email has an Accept all status, it means that it's linked to a server that accepts all the email addresses on the same domain name, whether they actually exist or not. In this case, email verification can’t give a definite answer on whether or not the address actually exists.

Sending emails to Accept all domains is riskier than sending them to Valid addresses. To decide whether to use them, you need to evaluate the level of risk you're willing to take because a high bounce rate can damage the overall deliverability of emails from your domain. To inform your decision, you can use the confidence score provided by the Bulk Email Verifier or only make Accept all addresses a small fraction of your mailing list.

Yes, you can use Hunter’s Bulk Email Verifier for free. A free Hunter plan comes with 50 verifications/month. If you need to check more email addresses in bulk, you can upgrade your plan.

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