Pricing update (February 2022)

Pricing update (February 2022)

We're updating our pricing to better differentiate the plans and make them easier to read. The pricing update includes the following changes.

This update was also an opportunity to improve the design of our pricing page for better clarity.

Domain Search downloads

The Domain Search returns a vast amount of valuable data that typically helps in the most advanced use cases. The download of this data into a CSV file is now available from the Growth plan and higher.

It includes the downloads for single domains or lists of domains with the Bulk Domain Search.

All customers currently on a Starter plan will keep their access to the feature. And like always, any file that has been downloaded remains accessible, even after a plan cancellation.

Email accounts

Shortly after launching Hunter Campaigns, we started testing the ability to connect multiple email accounts from the same Hunter account or team. For many customers, it has been an effective way to scale their cold outreach while keeping everything in the same place.

Today, we are thrilled to extend this ability. The number of email accounts (Gmail or Outlook) that can be connected is now as follows:

Free Starter Growth Pro Business
Email accounts 1 5 10 20 40

Please note that this quota is counted at the team level; it's the total number of email accounts that team members can connect.

The limit change takes effect immediately. However, the update doesn't trigger the disconnection of current email accounts if the new limit is crossed.

Recipients per campaign

We're updating the maximum number of recipients campaigns can include.

Free Starter Growth Pro Business
Recipients per campaign 500 2,500 5,000 7,500 10,000

Now up to 10,000 recipients can be added to a campaign (previously 2,000).

Usually, a much lower volume of recipients is necessary, especially if you keep the number of emails sent per day rather low. However, we noticed some of you are adding recipients to the same campaign over a long period of time. This increased limit allows more flexibility.

Plan names change

We renamed the "Enterprise" plan (our highest standard plan tier) to "Business". Now, "Enterprise" refers to all the plans that we create for higher needs (previously named "Custom" plans).


Any questions about these changes and the transition? Feel free to contact us.

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