What’s new at Hunter? (August 2023)

What’s new at Hunter? (August 2023)

These past few months, we've improved the Email Finder, made team collaboration smoother, and added cool options to Campaigns (our cold email tool).

Watch the video or read the post below to learn more.

Email Finder improvements

Since our inception, the Email Finder has been key to our success and the success of our clients.

So, I’m especially excited to announce that we’ve released some deep improvements to it.

What kind of improvements?

  • We updated our crawler to find even more public emails (as a reminder, we source all the emails we find on the open web). In the last 6 months, we’ve increased the size of our email database by 13%;
  • We also tweaked our input algorithm to make sure we can return an email even if the parameters entered in the Email Finder are not 100% perfect or if they include special characters/emojis. This change should have the most impact for those of you using the Email Finder API;
  • Finally, we reworked our data algorithm to find more hard-to-find emails;

All-in-all, our internal tests indicated that we're now able to find +5% more valid emails.

Team collaboration

Did you know that all Hunter.io plans (including the free plan) include the option to add as many team members as you want?

Speaking of team members, we added new options to speed up team collaboration.

Want to invite people to join your account? Share your magic link in Slack or via email.

screenshot of the magic link feature

Quickly filter resources by team members

Once you’ve started collaborating with your colleagues, use the team members filters we’ve introduced to identify specific bulks, campaigns or even email templates in just a few clicks.

screenshot of the new option to filter resources by team members

More Campaigns improvements

Last month, we introduced two new views to Campaigns (our cold email tool):

This month, we’re announcing additional refinements.

Account setup

Want to take a look at Campaigns without having to connect an email account? We hear you! We just added the option to try the tool without having to configure your sending email account.

Richer emails

We’ve added four options to make your emails more engaging:

  • You can now insert videos into your emails;
  • You can resize your pictures;
  • We also added support for strike-through text;
  • You can now add attachments at the review step (meaning you can attach a different attachment for a specific lead);

Anything you feel is missing? Feel free to share your feedback at greg@hunter.io.

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Greg d'Aboville
Greg d'Aboville

Head of Marketing at Hunter. Greg began sending cold emails in 2015. Since then, he has used them to generate leads, conduct product research, and obtain high-quality backlinks.