Introducing’s New Flexible Credit System For Yearly Plans

Introducing’s New Flexible Credit System For Yearly Plans

We're excited to announce an update to's pricing structure that's designed to provide more flexibility for our users subscribing to Yearly plans.

Your credits, when you need them

In our ongoing effort to provide the best value and service to our users, we have made an important improvement to the credit system on all Yearly plans.

We have removed the monthly reset of credits, allowing all Search and Verification credits to last for the entire plan duration. This means that all users on yearly plans can use credits whenever they need to, without worrying about losing them at the end of each month.

For now, the price of our Yearly plans hasn’t changed, maintaining a 30% reduction over our Monthly plans.

This makes Yearly plans a great option for both regular users of Hunter and those who might need it only intermittently—using it for a few months, taking a break, and then coming back. Credits will stay available for the entire length of the yearly plan, ensuring users get full value whenever they choose to use them.

Why are we doing this?

Based on feedback from our users, we've learned that many experience fluctuations in their usage over the year. Therefore, our previous model of yearly plans with monthly credit resets wasn't ideal, as predicting how many credits would be needed each month is challenging, and activities like sales and outreach can vary greatly from month to month.

This input from our users played a key role in shaping our decision to change this approach.

Our first step toward greater flexibility was the introduction of credits over quota (on March 27, 2023), allowing users to access additional credits when they reach their monthly or yearly limits without needing to switch plans. These have been widely used and will continue to be available.

Building on this, we've added another layer of flexibility for all users on yearly plans by ensuring that credits do not reset each month. This change helps us better meet different needs and usage patterns throughout the year.

What's changing today

We've automatically removed monthly credit resets for existing users on Yearly plans: all remaining credits are now immediately available upfront. Additionally, we've emailed all team owners on yearly plans to inform them about this update.

The example below shows the credits allowance for a user on a Starter Yearly plan, before today's update:

Monthly resets: 500 Searches and 1,000 Verifications available monthly.

And after:

6,000 Searches and 12,000 Verifications available for 365 days - no monthly resets.

All new Yearly plans will automatically include credits available for the entire duration of the new plan (365 days) with no monthly resets. More information can be found in our Pricing page.

Updated FAQs for Yearly plan users

What changes to team members' quota limits can I expect with this update?

Teams on yearly plans will see their team members' monthly quota limits converted to a yearly format—effectively multiplying each user’s monthly allocation by 12.

This change is designed to simplify management and planning for team owners, who can adjust quota limits directly through the Team section.

Quota limit for a team member on a yearly plan (1,200 Searches and 4,800 Verifications are available for the entire duration of the plan).

Please note that if you haven't set quota limits for your team members, you will continue to share the entire yearly credits quota.

What happens if I use all my credits on a yearly plan?

Once you hit your quota, you can still use additional credits with the credits over quota option: this allows you to only pay for extra credits that you'd like to use. Plan upgrades or downgrades remain available should your needs change.

What's the maximum number of credits over quota that I can use on my yearly plan?

Limits for credits over quota continue to reflect the total amount of Search and Verification credits included in your plan.

Credits over quota limits for Yearly plans.

Are there any changes to the upgrade/downgrade process?

No changes here. When upgrading or downgrading to another Yearly plan any unused credits are rolled over into an extra pack valid for the next 12 months. The total cost of your new plan is processed immediately.

How are duplicate requests counted?

There's a slight variation in how credits are counted for duplicate requests if you are on a monthly or yearly plan. As a reminder, a duplicate request occurs when you run the same Domain Search, Email Finder, or Email Verifier request more than once.

  • Monthly plans: Duplicate requests are treated as they have been, counted only once within the same monthly billing cycle.
  • Yearly plans: Duplicate requests are also counted only once but within the same calendar month (ex. between May 1 and May 31).

When do my credits reset?

If you are on a monthly plan, your credits reset at the end of the monthly billing period. Ex. John upgrades to a Starter monthly plan on May 13, 2024. The credits on his plan reset on June 13, 2024.

If you are on a yearly plan, your credits reset at the end of the annual billing period. Ex. Anna upgrades to a Starter yearly plan on May 13, 2024. The credits on her plan reset on May 13, 2025.

I'm on a monthly plan and want to switch to a yearly one. Where can I make this change?

You can switch to a yearly plan from the Subscription section of your account:

Just a heads-up, only team owners have the permissions to switch to yearly plans or modify existing plans.

Where can I ask more questions or share feedback?

You are welcome to email us at We'll be happy to help!

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