7 Best Email Tracking Tools in 2024

7 Best Email Tracking Tools in 2024

Sending an important email and not getting a reply can be scary. Did the recipient open your email and ignore it, or did they simply not see it at all?

Since you don’t know what actually happened, it can be hard to decide whether to send a follow-up email or not. You don’t want to annoy your recipient, after all.

This is where email tracking tools can help. They can notify you when people open your emails, so you can be sure that they’ve been read.

Here are the top 7 email tracking tools you can use to learn what happens with your emails after you send them.

1. Hunter

Hunter MailTracker screenshot

Hunter’s MailTracker Chrome extension lets you track the emails you send with Gmail. It’s a free email tracking tool that can show you when your emails are opened, how many times, and with which devices.

The extension works by adding an invisible one-pixel image to your emails. Once an email is opened, the tracking pixel loads and collects the information about email opens.

MailTracker offers free unlimited email tracking. It also aims to preserve the privacy of users and their recipients, so it doesn’t store any data about your recipients or the content of your emails.

Hunter’s suite of tools also includes Campaigns, a tool which lets you automate cold email campaigns and track their performance in detail, including open rates, click-through rates, and more.

2. RightInbox

RightInbox screenshot

RightInbox is a Chrome extension that lets you track email opens and clicks in Gmail. You can use it to learn who’s reading your emails, how many times your emails get opened (and when), and which links get clicked.

It lets you choose whether you want to track opens, clicks, or both.

Apart from read receipts, RightInbox also supports email scheduling. You can use it to schedule emails to be sent in the recipient’s time zone, as well.

Other useful features include:

  • Multiple signatures – You can add multiple signatures to RightInbox and switch between them easily without leaving the Gmail email editor.
  • Email templates – The extension allows you to create and save email templates that you can reuse to write emails faster.
  • Notes and reminders – RightInbox gives you a place to add private notes to email conversations, which you can review later. There’s also the option to set up reminders for tasks and deadlines.
  • Recurring emails – You can use RightInbox to automate recurring emails. This can be useful for invoices, reminders, etc.

The extension integrates with HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive to help you sync important email threads to your CRM system.

RightInbox offers a free plan that’s limited to tracking five emails per month. Paid plans with advanced email tracking include:

  • Personal ($9.95/month billed annually)
  • Professional ($19.95/month billed annually)

3. Mailtrack

Mailtrack screenshot

Mailtrack is a simple email tracking software for Gmail. It lets you see whether your emails were opened, how many times, and when.

It can also send you real-time notifications as soon as recipients open your emails.

Mailtrack’s free plan supports unlimited email tracking, real-time desktop notifications, email alerts, and daily reports. There are also two paid plans, which offer additional features:

  • Pro ($1.99/month)
  • Advanced ($4.99/month)

4. Docsify

Docsify screenshot

Docsify lets you know when people open your emails, click on links, and download attachments.

It can even show you the recipients’ location and the type of device they use.

You can set up Docsify to send you notifications as soon as recipients engage with your emails.

It also allows you to create your own shortcuts and templates for Gmail. The tool’s detailed reporting features help you compare different templates and find the best-performing ones.

Docsify supports using a custom tracking domain to help improve deliverability. It’s also fully GDPR-compliant.

You can test out Docsify using the limited free plan. The paid plan costs $9/month.

5. Mailbutler

Mailbutler screenshot

Mailbutler is an email tracker for Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail. It lets you see when, where, and how many times recipients open your emails.

The tool can send you real-time notifications when recipients open your emails. It also supports link tracking.

Apart from the email tracking feature, you can also use Mailbutler to create professional-looking email signatures, email templates, tasks, and to-dos.

Mailbutler offers a free plan with limited features. Paid plans are charged per user:

  • Professional ($7.95/user/month)
  • Professional+ ($12.95/user/month)
  • Business ($29.95/user/month)

6. Pointofmail

Pointofmail screenshot

Pointofmail shows you who’s reading your emails, when, and through which devices. It also supports location tracking, click tracking, and attachment tracking.

Pointofmail is available as a Chrome and Firefox extension. It integrates with Gmail and Outlook.

You can use the free trial offer to test out if Pointofmail is the right fit for your needs. Paid plans include:

  • Silver ($19.99/month)
  • Gold ($29.99/month)
  • Platinum ($79.99/month)

7. MailerPlex

MailerPlex screenshot

MailerPlex is an email tracker for Gmail users. It can send you real-time notifications when people open your emails and click links.

The tool can also show you the recipients’ location and the time when they opened your email.

The company says that privacy is its top priority – they store as little information as possible about your emails.

MailerPlex lets you track 30 emails per month for free. The paid plan, paid monthly, costs $5/month. There’s also an annual payment option for $36/year.

Learn what happens with your emails with email tracking tools

Pick a few tools from our list and try them out to learn when recipients open your emails, click on links, and download attachments.

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