What’s new at Hunter? (December 2023)

What’s new at Hunter? (December 2023)

These past few weeks, we introduced a brand-new feature, upgraded Campaigns (our cold email tool) and improved the Email Verifier.

Watch the video or read the post below to learn more.


We’re beyond excited to introduce a brand-new feature to Hunter!

It’s called Signals, and it helps you source leads based on intent.

Instead of trying to guess who could be interested in your services or product, you can now use this feature to identify companies who are already expressing their needs.

We’re launching with two initial Signals types:

  • Funding news. This will allow you to track companies who just received fresh money.
  • And Job listings. This signal will allow you to track companies who open specific job positions.

Signals is included in all plans, including the free plan.

Email account rotation

By now, you should know about Campaigns, our free cold email tool.

If not, here’s what you need to know:

  • Campaigns lets you send personalized cold emails at scale,
  • it’s super easy to use… and
  • It’s free!

Last month, we added support for email account rotation to Campaigns.

In short, it allows you to assign multiple email accounts to a given campaign, allowing you to send more emails, more quickly, without risking your domain reputation.

Let’s take an example. For Google Workspace email accounts, the recommended daily sending limit is a hundred emails per day. With this new option, you can now add a second email and send up to 200 emails per day. (And to be clear, you can add even more email accounts!)

Campaigns Reporting

We also introduced a new reporting view in Campaigns.

The new page will help you:

  • Check the general performance of a campaign and its evolution over time;
  • Identify top performers in your team;
  • Spot potential deliverability issue;
  • Share your results with your team or clients;
  • And much more.

Email Verifier

Finally, we’ve updated the design of our email verifier to make it easier to understand how accept-all emails can impact your deliverability.

Anything you feel is missing? Feel free to share your feedback at greg@hunter.io.

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Greg d'Aboville
Greg d'Aboville

Head of Marketing at Hunter. Greg began sending cold emails in 2015. Since then, he has used them to generate leads, conduct product research, and obtain high-quality backlinks.