Introducing Hunter Discover

Introducing Hunter Discover

For the past couple of months, our main priority at Hunter was to make it a proper all-in-one platform for email outreach.

When Hunter started, it was a point solution for finding the email addresses of people you wanted to contact. We quickly supplemented the Email Finder with a complex verification service to guarantee high accuracy.

While our email finding and verification services have always been crucial to Hunter, we gradually added more capabilities so our users could integrate our high-quality contact data with their outbound activities more easily.

Until now, we lacked one frequently requested capability – a way for our users to identify relevant prospects directly in Hunter. This meant you needed to perform at least one extra step before you could come to Hunter to find verified email addresses and send campaigns.

We knew we could improve your experience by letting you source business prospects directly from Hunter – especially if we seamlessly connected the prospecting capability with our trusted email-finding product.

Today, we are delighted to launch Hunter Discover, a powerful B2B database to help you find your next best client.

Preview of Hunter Discover

A milestone for Hunter

Hunter Discover is the most extensive database we’ve built to date. We organized vast amounts of data from the public web to help you find qualified recipients for your email campaigns. We emphasized data accuracy so you can trust the Discover data for your outreach.

Building Discover was a major undertaking for our engineering team. Many pieces of the puzzle were already there: our web crawler, which powers Hunter’s core features, also served as the foundation for the database. However, it took a considerable amount of effort to make this data easy to browse and useful. For example, we decided to generate company keywords and descriptions using AI, and fine-tuning this process to our satisfaction took a while.

How to use Discover to find prospects

Hunter Discover has multiple filters to help you find relevant companies aligned with your ideal customer profile.

All you need to start using Discover is a Hunter account and an idea of the type of company that needs your product or service.

Discover lets you segment the market based on:

  • Headquarters location,
  • Industry (487 industries to choose from),
  • Headcount,
  • Keywords (generated with the help of AI, based on what we know about the company website),
  • Technologies used on the website.

This set of filters can help you efficiently find qualified prospects at scale.

We also made sure to allow excluding specific criteria to make your search more flexible. For example, you might look for companies in the United States but exclude California or try to find businesses involved in e-commerce but exclude e-commerce agencies.

Previews of filters in Hunter Discover

Discover is enriched by default – it’s connected to our web-sourced database that already powers the Domain Search and Email Finder. This allows you to learn a lot about the surfaced companies before contacting them.

Hunter Discover UI showing a rich description of the surfaced company

The Domain Search results are just one click away once you’ve found companies you’d like to contact.

A walkthrough of using Hunter Discover to find email addresses

What’s next

We believe Discover plays a crucial role in our product as it helps Hunter users complete your outreach workflow directly inside Hunter.

That’s why we intend to continuously improve the data as well as look for different ways of leveraging it.

The most substantial change we have on the roadmap is adding a person layer so you can not only find relevant companies, but filter specific people at those companies.

Your feedback is critical at this early stage, so please give it a try, and if you have any questions or recommendations, make sure you contact Hunter’s support team. You can also reach me directly at

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