Siege Media Uses Hunter to Power Consistent Growth

Siege Media Uses Hunter to Power Consistent Growth

Meet Siege Media

Siege Media is an SEO-focused content marketing agency that emphasizes quality design, user experience, and strategic organic growth.

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Team members

As the Director of Business Development at Siege Media, Drew Page spends most of his time evaluating prospective clients, outlining suggested strategies, and building/presenting proposals. Drew would be among the first to know if the quality of outbound conversations at Siege Media dropped.

Drew started his career at Siege Media as a content marketer, and linkbuilding was a big part of his role. In-house outbound specialists recommended Hunter, and Drew has been using it ever since.

"I was an early adopter from that first introduction and haven’t really turned back or towards any other option."

Outreach process

Drew's process starts with prospecting on Google for sites based on the topics they cover.

"Once we identify a relevant prospect to pitch, we evaluate the Hunter Chrome extension for the email address of the author or another relevant contact, typically in the marketing department. This is where the department filter comes in handy. We customize, personalize, and send an outreach pitch to the email address Hunter identifies and move on to the next prospect."


Hunter helps Drew and his team find personal email addresses and avoid contacting generic mailboxes (like contact@ or info@). This boosts the reply rate and translates to more meaningful conversations.

"I feel like we’ve been using the tool for so long, it’s hard to tie attribution from before/after but we’ve been growing consistently and made the Inc 5000 list multiple years in a row. Hunter has been a staple among our content marketing teams!"

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